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This section contains information relating to the Nations of San'Dora.
  • AELFINAN: The nations of the Haelfinan.
  • VARHOLDS: The holdfasts of the Var.
  • KOR: The tribelands of the Kor.
  • ULLU: The nations of the Ullu.
  • HUMAN: The nations of Mankind
    • ELITHIAN: The nations descended from the Elith-men.
      • VORGAANESE: The nations that once were the Vorgaanese Empire.
      • HORTASHIC: The nations that once were Hortash.
    • ARANASHI: The nations of the Aranashi people.
      • UNDARI: The nations that once were the Undari Empire.
      • ZHAIIR: The nations that once where the Zhaiirian Union.
      • ZADESHI: The current Zadeshi Empire.
    • VOLKERALTEN: The nations of the Volkeralten.
      • NORDMANNER: The fiefs of the Nordmanner people.
      • MACHTIG: The Clanholds of the Macthig.
    • ELD-FOLK: The nations of the Eld-Folk.
  • OTHER: Other nations across the globe.