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Var Kor Affelaune
Varic Races
There are twelve Clans of Var, and two subraces that the Var consider to be "fallen". All of the races of Var can interbreed, but progeny always breed true along gender lines; a daughter will inherit the traits of their mother's type of Var and sons will inherit the traits of their father's type.
  • VAR: There are twelve Clans of Var:
  • KOR: This fallen subrace of the Var fell to worship of a God called Kor-Voshi during the Age of Opposition and was cast out by the Var after a failed coup.
  • AFFELAUNE: This fallen subrace of the Var lost their homes to the monstrous Gersaani during the Age of Expansion and were left to wander the surface, slowly degenerating into general nuisances.