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History Characters Affelaune
Affelaune are found in the highlands of the southeastern region of the Danoshorvas continent and in the northern ranges of the Ullushorvas continent. Most Affelaune tribes are small but highly migratory scavengers.
Affelaune are short but sturdily built humanoids descended from the Var. They typically stand between three and five feet tall and weigh in between 80 to 185 pounds.
There is some variation in appearance among Affelaune of different tribes, but as a general rule the Affelaune have bronzed skin, brown hair and brown eyes. They are scavengers and thus generally dress either in simple hides that they can make themselves or in something they've managed to scavenge.
Affelaune generally aren't very bright and seldom think beyond what they need to do to find their next meal. Despite their lack of cleverness, they can be quite cunning and are capable ambushers.
Few Affelaunes befriend people of other races, and few people of other races would seek out an Affelaune as a companion, but some Affelaune are able to overcome their people's shortcomings and seek out a better life for themselves, or else are cast out for some slight and must make survive outside of their natural habitat and intermingle. Most that have had extended interaction with Affelaunes find them to be very trying on ones' patience and generally annoying.
Affelaune are tribal, but don't identify very strongly even with their own tribe, and its not uncommon for Affelaunes to decide to shift into some other group of Affelaune whenever two such groups meet. An Affelaune might shift from one "tribe" to the next as the winds of chance meetings and their whims take them.
Affelaunes (AFF-el-lohns) are small but voracious humanoids that are aggressive in numbers but generally ineffective singly that live in hill land areas arranged in small extended family groups.
Small concentrations can live semi peacefully with more powerful neighbors, but if they grow too numerous they start spreading like gophers. They have voracious appetites and this drives them to steal food and over-hunt. When they run out of food their appetites can eventually drive them to start attacking other sentient races just for their food.
Cost Ability
3 Deft: +1 DEX
10 Quick: +1 SPD
2 Durable: +1 CON
2 Durable: +1 BODY
2 Stubborn +1 EGO
5 Doughty: Power Defense: 5
5 Small & Dodgy: +1 DCV
5 Sneaky: Stealth +1
3 Accurate: Range Skill Levels: +1 All Attacks (Only to offset the Range Penalty)
3 Alert: +1 PER All Senses
5 Small Frys: +10 PRE, Defensive Only (-1)
8 Poison Resistance: Immunity to Poisons, Activation 15- (-1/4)
5 Infravision: Infrared Perception
1 LS: Enhanced Digestion
1 Longevity: LS: 120 Years
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Affelaune (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-5 Physical Limitation: Small  (3 ft - 5 ft; 80 to 185 lbs)
-5 Voracious Appetite: Eats twice as much as body mass indicates
-2 Slow: -1" Running
-1 Small: -1 STR
-5 Dim: -5 INT
-2 Rough-hewn: -4 COM


Total Cost of Package