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Volkeralten Nordmanner Machtig
The men of the far north, they are not seen much in the southlands. Distant cousins to the Machtig, they have some physical and cultural similarlities, but attenuated by three thousand years of simultaneous development. Their culture is far more stratified than that of the Machtig, with alleged noble ranks and a vaneer of civility on the surface, but their civilization is really a collection of competing city states, counties, petty fiefdoms, and robber baronys.
They are often called Karkmen in the south because during their great war with the Witchlord's of Vorgaa the warring Counties and clans mostly banded together under the leadership of the County of Kark, which stradles the Lowpass over the Dregga mountains into lands that were once Vorgaa. The Karkallian Confederacy has been gone for almost 2000 years however. The so-called Karkmen typically refer to themselves by their county or city-state, or if they have to use a collective term they will call themselves the Nordmnner.