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Aranashi Zhaiirians Undari Zadeshi
Once a great empire ruled what are now the southern expanses of the Danoshorvas continent and the northern parts of the Ullushorvas continent (and some lands that are now deep below the sea) and was populated by large group of Human kind.
During the Ages of Legend, the Aranashi built their Empire by bartering with otherworldly powers and over time were altered by this congress with external powers. After the raising of the Caul, the Aranashi were split; the southern, civilized lands remained mostly together eventually becoming Zha'iir, but the northern more remote Aranashi drifted apart from their roots, spreading out and managing to survive by becoming substitence farmers and eventually became the Undari and the Zadeshi over several thousand years.
The Aranashi are unique among the races of SanDora in that some of their number have the potential to be magical Adepts. This potential is a by product of the alterations that were made to the Aranashi long ago by external powers, and exists in all of them but takes different forms among the various subgroups of Aranashi.
  • ZHA'IIRIAN: Aranashi of the south, these bronze and copper toned Humans inhabit the western portion of the hot southern continent. These are an old people who have survived several turns of the Ages successfully, though the haven't been one nation in the last two thousand year period.
  • UNDARI: Descended from northern Aranashi. There are a variety of nations formed from the remains of the Undari Empire which was shattered by the Machtig two millennia ago. The Undari inhabit the broad exspanse of land between the Dregga-Thearakk Mountains to the north and the Wundvolding Mountains to the south.
  • ZADESHI: A group comprising the men of the eastern coast, these small statured men are related to the Undari but have existed apart for millenia due to sheltering mountains and other difficult terrain for five or six millenia. Their star is on the rise and the Zadeshi Empire has grown considerably in the past few centuries.