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Rhanau Haelfinan
The influence of Haelfinan heritage can take many generations to leave a Human bloodline. Those with Haelfinan Blood, even several generations removed, are much as normal Humans but tend to be slight of build, quick, and attractive. They also frequently (but not necessarily) have some measure of Aeldenaren Gifts. Most notably, those with Haelfinan heritage tend to live longer than normal, two or more centuries in many cases.
Those with some Haelfinan blood are called Rhanau (rah-NAH-hee) in the Haelfinan tongue and this term is used among the Chur'Anese as well, but other communities of Humans have their own names such as the Machtig term "Aelfing-blud", the Lanolyan term "fey", and the Nordmanner term "waelden-get".
Rhanau most strongly resemble their Human heritage, but have a certain graceful litheness and sharpness of feature that marks their Haelfinan heritage.
Rhanau almost never live among the Haelfinan and thus generally take after their particular Human heritage in their manner of dress.
Rhanau are usually much as other Humans, particularly early in their lives, but when they live into old age long after their own generation has deceased they may become detached or seem a little "off" to normal Humans.
Among the Chur'An those with any measurable amount of Haelfinan heritage are seen as being well favored and often hold positions of authority. One of the Chur'Anese elite military units is comprised entirely of battle-skilled Rhanau called the Bannee Cloan (BON-nee CLOH-on) which roughly translated means The Blessed Progeny. Most of the Bannee Cloan are talented Aeldenaren as well as skilled sword and bowmen
Cost Ability
3 Graceful: +1 DEX
10 Quick: +1 SPD
1 Attractive: +2 COM
3 Alert: Lightsleep
3 Perceptive: +1 PER All Senses
1 Long Lived: Longevity: LS: 200 Years
3 Human Talent: Choose One:
  • Absolute Range Sense
  • Absolute Time Sense
  • Ambidexterity (Off Hand at -2)
  • Bump of Direction
  • Good Memory (Eidetic Memory; Requires INT Roll (-1/2))
  • Environmental Movement (3 points worth)
  • Lightning Reflexes +2 for all Actions
  • Resistance (3) (Resist Interrogation)
  • Drama Critic (3) (Resist Acting)
  • Incorruptible (3) (Resist Bribery)
  • Rulesmonger (3) (Resist Bureaucratics)
  • Tight-Lipped (3) (Resist Conversation)
  • Blase (3) (Resist Oratory)
  • Immovable (3) (Reist Persuasion)
  • Unfriendly (3) (Resist Seduction)
  • Hard Bargainer (3) (Resist Trading)
8 Human Diversity & Work Ethic: Choose 8 points worth of Professional Skills, Knowledge Skills, Area Knowledges, or Cultural Knowledges in any combination
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Elven-blooded  (Concealable, Occasionally Noticed, Occasional Reaction, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-2 Slight: -1 BODY


Total Cost of Package
+1* Aeldenari Gifts: Choose 1 or more different Gifts. You may not choose more Advanced Gifts than your character has Basic Gifts, and no more than 1 Advanced Gift total.
+1 Longer Lived: Upgrade Longevity to LS: 400 Years
+1 Sleepless: LS: Sleep 8 Hours Per Week
+5 Nightsighted: Nightvision
+5 Sleepless Mind: +10 Mental Defense vs. Sleep & "Charm" Effects Only (-2)
+3 Accurate: +1 OCV w/ all Bows
+2 Hereditary Arms: WF: Blades, Spears, Bows