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Pureblood Cenhedlu Hannerau Rhanau
Hannerau Haelfinan
In some areas Haelfinan have deliberately interbred with their Human creations lest their colony become extinct. Generally the Haelfinan will attempt to supplement their numbers in this fashion, and then breed the resulting half-blooded Haelfinan with a full-blooded Haelfinan to reduce the "Human taint". Those who have a Human and an Haelfinan parent are called Hannerau (on-NER-ree) which literally means "half" in the Haelfinan tongue.
This practice is found among some small enclaves of Haelfinan that managed to survive on the continent, and the Haelfinan nations of Eandrial and Llishima who have what amounts to a breeding arrangement with the Eld-folk of Chur'An. The Haelfinan of Eerdrelin and Aelonar are against the practice (strongly so in the case of Aelonar), while the Haelfinan of Aelora have no strong feelings one way or the other and don't practice it formally.
As an unexpected side effect of this process, the resulting offspring do not seem to suffer the Haelfinan sensitivity to Iron, but are unable to use the full breadth of the Haelfinan Aeldenaren Gifts; a Hannerau may have no more than two Advanced Aeldenaren Gifts (and may not have more Advanced Gifts than they have Basic Gifts).
Some Hannerau take more after one heritage or the other, but in general terms they basically split the difference between their Human and Haelfinan parentage. They are usually larger and sturdier than their Haelfinan relatives, slighter and more graceful than their Human relatives.
Hannerau dress is typically determined by their particular circumstances and which group of Haelfinan they originated from.
Hannerau tend to fall somewhere between their Human and Haelfinan heritage in their character; by Haelfinan standards they tend to be impatient and direct while by Human standards they can seem slow to take action and disconnected from the now. This basic inability to relate to either of their heritages leads some Hannerau to become rather solitary and detached. However there are Hannerau that endeavor to emulate pureblooded Haelfinan, particularly in Eandrial and Llishima.
Hannerau have no organizations or groups of note unique to themselves.
Cost Ability
3 Graceful: +1 DEX
10 Graceful: +1 SPD
3 Quick-witted: +3 INT
2 Attractive: +4 COM
3 Alluring: +3 PRE
6 Light of Foot: +3" Running
6 Archer's Strength: +12 STR; Only to Draw Bows (-1)
3 Alert: Lightsleep
3 Haelfinan Senses: +1 PER All Senses
5 Haelfinan Eyes: Nightvision
5 Haelfinan Mind: +10 Mental Defense vs. Sleep & "Charm" Effects Only (-2)
3 Haelfinan Archery: +1 OCV w/ all Bows
2 Haelfinan Weapons Group: WF: Blades, Spears, Bows
3 Longevity: LS: 500 Years; Sleep 8 Hours Per Week
5 Aeldenari Gifts: Choose 5 different Gifts. You may not choose more Advanced Gifts than your character has Basic Gifts, and no more than 2 Advanced Gifts total.
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Elf (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-10 Psychological Limitation: Isolationist Mentality (Common, Moderate)
-2 Frail: -1 Body


Total Cost of Package
Cost Options


Each Additional Aeldenaren Gift