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Ages of Legends
Proto Fantasy (Unknown Duration)
The distant past saw the rise and fall of the long-lived Haelfinan and their creations, the Var. Legend tells that the Haelfinan Willcrafters, who were fond of creating other creatures, created the Var as they had created many other beings. The Var were intended to mine the earth for the Haelfinan, who had little love of being underground. However, after many centuries of servitude the  truculent Var rebelled against the Haelfinan. The Var established their independence and warred back and forth with the Haelfinan for thousands of years.
Tiring of the long wars the Haelfinan decided to create yet another race of creature; a (comparatively) short lived race that would breed quickly and learn rapidly so that each may be made into a warrior in as little as fifteen to twenty years. Thus, in a move they would doubtlessly later regret, the Haelfinan created a new creature called Man.
Mankind served its purpose well. They did indeed learn and breed quickly. They took the Haelfinan's battle to the Var and shattered their Empires in a mere eye blink to the Haelfinan; barely two hundred years. The Var were left with isolated mountain holdfasts and fortresses. The leaders of the canny Var then noticed how proud the Men creatures were of weapons and finery looted from the Var strongholds they had conquered, and hit on a plan.
Under flags of parley the Var offered something simple to the leaders of the armies of Men; bribes. Gold, treasures, whatever riches suited their fancy were theirs for the taking if the Men would side with them against the Haelfinan. Were they not both servant races created by the Haelfinan and forced to toil for their master's gain rather than their own? Surely common cause could be made?
Many Men agreed, others didn't, and soon war was joined again, with Men fighting on both sides. The Varic Alliance was eventually victorious again after another seven centuries of battle.
The rule of the Haelfinan was broken, and aside from a few pockets of Haelfinan in remote pockets of the world, they were shoved off the mainland. Though the Haelfinan continued to rule supreme on several large Islands around the world, as neither the Var or Men had the way of sailing or boat craft yet, their time as rulers of all they could see was finished.
Several Ages followed as Men slowly but surely rose to supremacy of the world, eventually even forgetting their origins as creations of the Haelfinan designed to kill the Var. Nevertheless, the Haelfinan still remember and are not likely to ever forget it.