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World of San'Dora
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Age of Opposition
Adversarial Dark Fantasy (~1000 years)
The very oldest histories and legends tell of an Age of vast Empires, dark Magics and congress with beings from other dimensions. Great evils and dread events did occur, as diametrically opposed forces of higher and lower planes of existence warred upon each other, using mortals as pawns and proxies. According to the histories this Age was ended abruptly, and remnants of it are rare.
Legends tell only that a great final battle of incredible proportion was fought and that such mighty forces were unleashed that the world itself was fractured. Continents shifted, Empires were sundered, lands that were once fertile became barren, new mountain ranges sprung up, and existence as known thereunto was forever altered.
Finally, as the opposing forces continued to war upon each other and the world continued to twist and roil, the great Haelfinan Willcrafter Aelgoranth, after whom the Age is sometimes named, lead the Haelfinan Willcrafters in a great ritual that expelled most extra-dimensional entities from the world and erected a dimensional boundary named the Great Caul, which not only made it difficult for external forces to gain entry to San'Dora, but also made it uncomfortable for those that did manage it to remain.
As a result of the Great Caul being raised, the mortal inhabitants of the world were left to their own devices and most forms of Magic, which had previously revolved around interacting with outside forces and entities, were either rendered useless or severely neutered. Followers of powerful extra-dimensional entities worshipped as gods found themselves powerless or significantly limited. Many religions collapsed outright, but a few others remained in some form or another into ensuing Ages though bereft of Divine power, via sheer temporal influence.