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Ardent Of Gozren: Because I serve the god Gozreh, master of Wind and Wave, I am in tune with both divine and primal forces. When using Primal to work magic I may add my Divine capability as a bonus.

Weather Manipulation: Because my deity has seen fit to bless me with a fraction of his power over his domain, I gain +1 while Primal to cast spells that manipulate or interact with the weather or the sea.

Like Unto Lightning: Because my Harpoon Is Like Unto Lightning, I gain +0 while Forcefully Primal to throw it as an a attack at a target up to 6 zones away and I do not suffer any shift penalties for distance. Additionally my harpoon magically reappears in my hand from any distance at the beginning of the next exchange or at any later time by an act of will.

Harpoonist (-2): Because I wield nautical spears both as a weapon and as a holy symbol of my devotion to my deity, I may use Primal instead of Combatives to attack and defend while I weild a harpoon, trident, or gaff spear.