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Cosmology Languages  
The above chart indicates Language Familiarities as described in the Hero System Fifth Edition Rulebook on page 43. Literacy costs 1 point for all languages.
  • Haelfiric Languages
    • Haelfiri
      1. Eld Speech (spoken by the Eld Humans)
    • Ureldrek (a degenerate form of Haelfiri spoken in different variations by many of the servant races created in the last several millenia by the Haelfiri of the Eardrelin Forest)
    • Old Varic
  • Varic Languages
    • Varic
      1. Bharkik (dialect of the Var (Bhar) of Ullushorvas)
    • Korspeak (degenerate dialect spoken by the Kor and Affelaunes)
  • Aranashi Languages
    • High Aranahsi
      • Undari
        1. Ult-Undari (dialect used in the western Undari lands)
        2. Ortul-Undari (dialect used in the north east Undari lands)
        3. Trult-Undari (dialect used in the south eastern Undari lands)
      • Zadeshi
      • Zha'iirian (aka Low Aranashi)
  • Elithian Languages
    • Travenspenova (a modern tradespeak, based on simple Elithian with some useful words from other languages). Used most extensively in Worfinal. Has a 2 pt similarity to Machtig, Undari, and High Aranashi.
    • Vorgaanese
      1. Folgetovan dialect
      2. Ieshali dialect
      3. Vesernothova dialect (western Vorgaanese nations)
      4. Usveranathova dialect (northern Vorgaanese nations)
    • Hortashic
      1. Sorathortashic (dialect of Hargeth and Givinas)
  • Vlkerlten Languages
    • Aeldnespeak (aka Ancient Vlkerlten -- no written form originally, but among the Machtig many of the old tales were written down in their original language after they adopted the Varic alphabet.)
      • Nordsprech (aka inaccurately as Kark-speech; the Nordmnner eventually developed their own alphabet, mostly by adapting the Aranashi one to their purposes. It doesn't have a name of its own among them.)
        1. Sodursprech (dialect spoken in the western and southern portions of the Nordlands (Daelanthanor, Gorsland, Ablancland, Varenland, Murenland, Karkland, Durgeland, Atoland))
        2. Haelersprech (dialect spoken in the northeastern portions of the Nordlands (Centlund, Teplund, Agarlund, Velkylund, Cernylund, Gevolund, Aretolund, Atelolund, Sturenlund))
      • Machtig (Modern Machtig use the Varic alphabet)
  • Ullushura (the speech of the Lizardfolk of the southern continent, this language has not significantly changed in countless millenia. The written form is heiroglyphic and can be taken seperately by those who dont speak the actual language)