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San'Dora is a medium sized world with many massive mountain ranges and correspondingly large land basins and plateaus. There once were 2 great landmasses named Danoshorvas to the west and Runorshorvas to the east, and two smaller island-continents of Iandras and Hordras.
About two millenia prior to the modern age the entire vast continent of Runorshorvas was sunk to the bottom of the Ocean via the might of the Machtig-Baelvolkerung's Druids (although this fact is not generally known), leaving behind only some scattered "islands" that were once the tips of mountain ranges and a couple of small plateaus barely capable of sustaining life.
The sinking of Runorshorvas also touched off global flooding collectively called the cataclysm which consumed many of the smaller islands and left most of the larger islands fractured into smaller pieces, including the continent of Iandras. It also severed Danoshorvas's upper portion from its lower portion where it was thinist, at the Equator, by submerging easily a third of the Gersage landbridge and effectively creating a new continent which was later named Ullushorvas after the only powerful Empire left remaining on that landmass after the Cataclysm.
The Cataclysm also caused the planet to tilt in its orbit a bit, and the climate has been markedly warmer in the ensuing 2000+ years than it had been previously, leaving parts of nothern Ullushorvas too hot to sustain most lifeforms for much of the year. On the other hand, the increased clemency of the weather in other regions has ensured that the last two millenia have been remarkably bountiful, with long seasons and very rare flash freezes.
For ease of reference the world can be broken down into several regions for purposes of reference, largely determined by large Mountain ranges and the national heritages of several predominant races and sub-races of people.
The entire western portion of Danoshorvas was once a single massive Empire, called Vorgaa. Currently inhabited by splinter nations originating from that Empire's collapse and a large wasteland jealously claimed by Kor-vashi, this region is large and many of the nations in it are influential. The Aberon Mountain range begins in the north and curves down to join the older Dregga Mountains to complete a curtain running the length of the continent and seperating the basin from the eastern portion of the continent.
Technically two of the Vorgaanese successor nations, Ieshali, and Folgetova, lie either completely or partially to the west of the Dregga Mountains, but are seperated from the continent by the minor Ollasandor mountain range which connects the Wundvolding and Dregga ranges. As a matter of convenience these lands are included in the conceptualization of the Vorgaanese Basin.
An older range of mountains arcs across the continent, a remnant of an ancient plate shift. Collectively this range is called the Dregga-Therrak Mountains, but though really one long range this range is referred to in two parts; the southern and western portion is called the Dregga Mountains, while the shorter northern and eastern portion is called the Therrak Mountains. This range has borne other names as well over the long toll of history, but they have been the Dregga-Therrak range for more than four millenia.
The Dregga range also connects to the Aberon range from the north, and the minor Ollasandor range in the south. The Therrak range anchors itself into the Dursha range to the east where they both meet at the edge of the continent.
The Dregga-Aberon arc contains the greatest concentration of Var remaining on the planet, and the mountains are riddled with tunnels and Varholds both inhabited and abandoned. Further, this arc defines the seperation between the Vorgaanese Basin the Undari Plains, and the Northlands. For this reason this arc is sometimes called The Grand Verge by the Vorgaanese.
A vast plainsland boxed in between multiple mountain ranges, this region starts in the east and south where the Dregga, Ollasandor, and Wundvolding (called Lorgorat  by the Undari) ranges run together, and arcs to the north and east between the Dregga-Therrak Mountains to the north and the Wundvolding/Lorgorat Mountains to the south, and finally bounded by the Dursha Mountains to the east.
This sweeping land was once completely controlled by the Undari Empire, but in the modern day is home to Undari splinter nations, displaced Kor-vashi, and Undari splinter nations annexed by the Zadeshi Empire to the east.
Due to its unique geography, being boxed in by Mountains, these broad plains have strange weather patterns with alternating droughts and torrential downpours some years, but overall the land is very arable and many different types of crops can be grown there, though mostly at the substinence level.
On the northern side of the Dregga-Therrak mountains from the Undari Plains and the eastern side of the Aberon mountains from the Vorgaanese Basin lies the Northlands. Bounded to the north by the arcing  Amovar mountains, these lands are very cold and snow-prone in the winter but have temperate summers and are fairly rich lands. The north half of these lands are higher than the southern half, and covered in a massive evergreen forest that is viciously guarded by the largest hold out of Haelfinan on the continent, while the lower half is mostly rolling farmland. Numerous rivers originate in the Northlands and flow through the Dregga-Therrak mountains into the Undari Plains.
This region is dominated by a group of large humans known as the Nordmanner, but also contains some Eld folk as well as Haelfinan and some of their subject races.
A subcontinent attached to the southern edge of Danoshorvas and divided from the main continent by a range once called the Lorgorat Mountains, but now known as the Wundvolding range. This land is completely inhabited by the Machtig sub group of humans. A rich and lush land, it is still very wild and rugged in most parts of it, and due to the traditional isolationism of it's primary inhabitants it is largely avoided by outsiders.
The splinter nations and states of the ancient Zha'iirian Empire, this region is not as geographically-oriented as most of the others. When referred to it simply means all of the lands that used to be Zha'iir, which is primarily the north western portion of Ullushorvas but includes several city states along the Gersaan peninsula on Danoshorvas as well.Once very influential, this region still hosts a powerful nexus of maritime trade.
The counterpart of Zhaiiria, Ullu refers to the remnants of the once great Ullu'shu'ran Empire, fractured by the Cataclysm. Collectively taken to mean Sys'an'sris, Lrss'ur'a, and the much reduced Ullu'shu'ra itself, all home to the Ullu lizard-folk.