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Peiriant, Clan of the Wheel
The Var of Clan Peiriant (PAY-wreyent) are the inventors and engineers among the Var. They build crossbows, waterwheels, and siege weapons. They get on quite well with the Gwerthfawr, the Gyrru, and the Saer Maen, who they feel kinship to as fellow builders. However, the Peiriant feel that they are the only Clan with a proper vision for the future.
 Only by advancing their level of technology can the Var hope to grow and prosper. Many other Var do not take the Peiriant particularly seriously, but do respect the results gained in battle from their catapults, ballistae, and crossbows.
The Peiriant tend to be of average height and build for Var, and have black hair and grey eyes most often. They tend to dress similarly to the Gyrru, save that instead of the full-on over leathers they just wear a leather work apron, usually with pockets for tools around the hem.
The menfolk wear their beards in a variety of fashions, but always short cropped (nothing like getting your beard caught in a gear).
The Peiriant are the most radical and progressive of the Var, and they are often regarded as being crackpots and idealists by their cousins. The Peiriant believe that everything can be made better with a little technology, and are constantly working on some new gizmo or another. Their success ratio is very low, but their successes are usually quite impressive.
They can do amazing things with pulleys and simple gears, and most of their best inventions arent too terribly complicated; it's when they try to build on these successes that they run into problems.
The Peiriant feel like their revolutionary ideas should be better heard, and as such, feel that politics are quite important. Unfortunately, their ideas are often politely dismissed by other Var. The Peiriant feel it is a great honor to be Ceidwad, and as such hold complicated elections every five years. This allows any and every Peiriant who wants his chance to be Ceidwad to get it.
Cost Ability
10 Durable: +5 CON
10 Tough: +5 BODY
10 Stubborn +5 EGO
10 Small & Dodgy: +2 DCV
10 Doughty: Power Defense: 10
10 Unfazed: Mental Defense: +10
30 Magic Resistance: Damage Reduction 75% Resistant; Only vs Magic (-1)
2 Forged Flesh: Armor 3 PD/0 ED; Only vs Blunt Weapons (-1)
2 Forged Flesh: Armor 0 PD/3 ED; Only vs Heat/Fire  (-1)
8 Poison Resistance: Immunity to Poisons, Activation 15- (-1/4)
7 Deep Roots: -5" KB, Only While Standing On Rock Or Soil (not indoors, or in unnatural environments; -1/2)
5 Infravision: Infrared Perception
4 Find the Path: Detect Way Out, Discriminatory, Underground Only (-1)
1 Walk the Path: Bump of Direction, Underground Only (-1)
8 Stone-eyes: Detect Concealed Stone\Rock Features, Discriminatory
4 Underground Senses: Detect Depth & Slope Information, Discriminatory, Underground Only (-1)
2 Tactile Sensitivity: +1 PER Touch
8 Life Support: Eating: Character only has to eat once per week, Longevity: 400 Years, Safe in Intense Cold, Safe in Intense Heat, Sleeping: Character only has to sleep 8 hours per week
10 Skilled: +1 Overall Level
151 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Dependence: Contact or Close Proximity to Stone/Soil; Takes 3d6 Damage (Extremely Common; 1 Hour)
-5 Distinctive Feature: Var (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-10 Psychological Limitation: Nonconformist (Common, Moderate)
-10 Psychological Limitation: Antisocial and Untrusting (Common, Moderate)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Insane Loyalty to Clan and Friends (Uncommon, Total)
-15 Physical Limitation: Cannot cast Arcane Spells (All the Time, Slightly Impairing)
-15 Physical Limitation: Cannot use Magic Items Other Than Weapons & Armor (All the Time, Slightly Impairing)
-5 Physical Limitation: Short but Heavy (4 ft - 5 ft; 250 to 400 lbs)
-2 Slow: -1" Running
-2 Dense Flesh: -2" Swimming
-1 Small: -1 STR
-1 Rough-hewn: -2 COM
+45 Total Cost of Package
Cost Ability
1 WF: Axes/Maces/Hammers/Picks
25 Varic War Art: (Art used with Axes/Maces/Hammers/Picks; KS: Varic War Art (INT), Avoidance: Martial Dodge, Block: Martial Block, Chop: Offensive Strike {2d6+1 location}, Stroke: Defensive Strike {2d6+7 location}, Side Slash: Martial Strike {3d6 location})
17 Varic War Art Training: +3 with Varic War Art, +2 DC with Varic War Art