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Varic Characters
NOTE: GM permission is required to play a Var.
To play a Var character a player must do the following things:
  • Pick one of the Var Clan Packages.
  • Pick one of the established Varholds as an origin point.
Every character is an individual but there are definitely some broad generalities that can be made about the sort of skill sets Var tend to fall into.
  • Medium Foot: the most common sort of Var encountered outside of a Varhold.
  • Heavy Foot: the Marchog and Trinoedd Clans favor heavy plate in particular, as do many Gyrru.
  • Scout: Almost entirely the purview of the Llanstr and the Anweledig.
  • Runecrafter (Arwyddlun): relatively uncommon but fearsomely powerful. Millitant, Runeforger, and Master Packages are all appropriate.
  • Earth Priest (Carreg Iachawr): extremely rare outside of a Varhold, but not entirely impossible. The Battlewise and Advisor Derwydd Packages are both appropriate; the Carreg Iachawr weapon group is the Hammer, Pick, and Sling however.
Var hold the secret to the crafting of a form of steel they call Durocaled (der-ock-AH-lead) that is more durable than normal steel. Items made of Durocaled have +2 DEF and Armor made from Durocaled has +2 PD / +2 ED at the same mass point when compared to normal steel. There is a 25-50% premium placed upon Durocaled items.
Varic warriors of significance generally wear Durocaled Armor and weild Durocaled weapons.