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Varic Castes
Most Var don't have any special status. They range from craftsfolk to skill workers, the rank and file of the militia, wealthy merchants and poor miners, and so forth. Everyday folks running the gamut of skills and influence.
However, the Var as a people have a surprisingly complex social caste system. There are numerous special offices or statuses various Var qualify for, and they are all mutually exclusive. Some can be switched in and out of so long as a Var holds no more than one of them at a time, but a few are exclusive as noted. .
The only exception to this is that the Ceidwad of Clan Saer Maen is always the highest-ranking and most respected Arwyddlun of the clan. The other Clans have never been fond of this inconsistency and tend to pretend like the Saer Maen Ceidwads are not also Arwyddlun to maintain their Varic preference for consistency.
Warrior Of The Var (Aes Arfod)
The Aes Arfod (EYEZ AYER-vahd; Shield Guard) are the elite defenders of Varholds, and are lead by the Varhold's Pencampwyr (Champion, or War Leader). Members of the Aes Arfod are appointed by the Pencampwyr or the Terrenbrenin of their Varhold.
Aes Arfod are charged with guarding the most critical areas of the Varhold during an attack, and are also used as a pool of potential leaders for militia levies during a war or crisis.
Aes Arfod
Runeforger Of The Var (Arwyddlun)
The Runeforgers of the Var, the Arwyddlun (a-row-EETH-luhn) are responsible for enchanting armor and weapons, as well as entire buildings. Their runes are placed on stone, metal, or even flesh to strengthen, protect, and enhance. The Arwyddlun are also chroniclers and historians among the Var, and keep tomes of ancient knowledge.
The Arwyddlun have a sort of ranking system among themselves, though it is difficult for outsiders to discern. A lower ranking Arwyddlun will generally concede to one of high rank, at least within a Varhold. A sort of professional rivalry often exists between the Arwyddlun of different Varholds, but it is virtually never violent.
Priest Of The Var (Carreg Iachawr)
The Carreg Iachawr (CARE-egg ee-OCK-ower) are the clerics of Earth among the Var. They are healers, but their healing spells are not as effective on men or other races that do not have strong ties to the Earth (Including those of Clan Methu). They have many spells to manipulate Earth and stone, and often assist in construction, tunneling, and sapping.
The most senior Carreg Iachawr of each Varhold is called the Llaeswisg, and is selected by the Earth itself. All Carreg Iachawr instinctively know who is the current Llaeswisg, and know instantly when the title changes. The Carreg Iachawr are an organization unto themselves, and as such, refuse offers and opportunities to become Ceidwad or even Tarrenbrenin. Their loyalties are to something other than a Clan, though they still maintain some connections to their Clans.
NOTE: Use the Drywdd variant of Spellweaving for Carreg Iachawr with a slight modification. Carreg Iachawr Spells must be somehow related to Stone, Soil, Metal, Magma, or some other concept that is strongly Earth related; however the Carreg Iachawr benefit from a flat +4 bonus to their Magic Skill Rolls in addition to any other bonuses that may apply. The Carreg Iachawr equivalent of Standing Stones are Pridynn-shrines.
Carreg Iachawr
The Ceidwad (CAID-wode) are the rulers of each Clan within a particular Varhold. Each Clan can decide on their Ceidwad in any way they choose. The Ceidwad assist the Terrenbrenin, forming the Clan Council, as well as manage the affairs of their own Clan.
When a crime is committed or a dispute must be settled, arrangements can be made by the Ceidwad of the Clan, or both Ceidwad in the case that the parties are of two different Clans. Any dispute or crime involving parties from more than two Clans, or involving outsiders, goes before the Terrenbrenin.
Warleader Of The Var (Pencampwyr)
The Pencampwyr (pain-KOMP-oer)  is the Champion of their Varhold, as well as the captain of the Aes Arfod. He is selected from among the Aes Arfod by the Tarrenbrenin. Traditionally he is the mightiest warrior in the mountain, though leadership skills, experience, and cunning often play a part.
Unless he is dishonored, steps down, or is killed, he holds the post for thirty years. After the thirty years have passed, the Terrenbrenin makes a new appointment, though it is not unusual for a Var of particular merit to hold the post for sixty or even ninety years.
The Terrenbrenin (teh-run-BRIN-en) is the Lord of a Varic Hold, holding complete political power. The collected Ceidwad of the Varhold vote to name the Terrenbrenin, with a majority of votes necessary for victory. In case of a tie for most votes the Varhold's Llaeswisg breaks ties.
The Terrenbrenin holds this office until death or resignation, or more rarely if they are effectively impeached. A Terrenbrenin can be forced out of office, but this requires the nomination of a new candidate and an anonymous agreement by all of the Ceidwad and the Llaeswisg of that Varhold. Once a Var becomes Terrenbrenin, he looses any other title he may have; he can no longer be an Aes Arfod, a Pencampwyr, or his Clans Ceidwad.
Some Var are Cadwrhag (caw-DOOR-ohg), exiled or otherwise unable to live in a Varhold. This ranges in causes, but most often occurs when a Var commits some crime or dishonor, or can't pay their community tax (called Trethi). In some cases the Var can make recompense and rejoin the Varhold, in other cases they cannot. Exiled Var usually will not speak of the reason why they were made Cadwrhag .