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Kor Tribes
The Kor completely control a large expanse of herdland on the east and west of the Dregga-Therakk mountains, using the Aleator Pass to cross over.
  • Kor-Vek: A particularly war-like tribe, they fight almost continuously against the Var at Valen and Vorun, the Haelfinan or Aelora, the Lanolyan, and the Nordmanner of Karkland. They often form alliances with the Kor-Hus, Kor-Lan, and occassionally the Kor-Lev for this purpose. Particularly skilled at mountain fighting.
  • Kor-Hus: A dangerous and motivated tribe that has waged numerous wars and frequent border raids against the Vorgaanese nation of Lanolyan.
  • Kor-Lev: The only Kor tribe that does not share at least one border with an enemy, the Kor-Lev are relatively peaceful by Kor standards, and also relatively poor. They are also only semi-nomadic, and have several basically permanent settlements with some attempts at farming in the westernmost area of their land.
  • Kor-Lan: A moderately aggressive tribe, they sporadically attempt to raid into the Nordmanner Gorsland. More typically they follow the lead of the Kor-Vek, and in some ways are almost a tributary to that tribe.
  • Kor-Tok: A strong but not overly aggressive tribe, they tend to prefer basic barter-based trade with their Human neighbors, but have gone on the war path on occassion, typically over some perceived slight as well as a few legitimate greivances.
  • Kor-Sha: An aggressive trive that constantly raids along the shared border with the Human nation of Jarval-Beah, and are frequently attacked in return. Strongly allied with Kor-Nith, and becoming increasingly close via cross-tribe marriages. It's likely the two tribes will eventually merge.
  • Kor-Lag: Semi-sheltered the Kor-Lag are a smaller tribe that are forced to bend to the will of their more powerful neighboring tribes, particularly the Kor-Nith and Kor-Sha. They also sporadically have issues with the Varholds at Velka and Volg.
  • Kor-Nith: An extremely aggressive tribe that exists primarily by raiding. They are in a constant state of border war with Jarval-Beah and frequently contest with the Varholds at Varshig and Volg. They dominate the Kor-Lag tribe, and have been slowly subsuming the Kor-Sha.
  • Kor-San: A large and powerful tribe, they control the Aleator Pass, and control access to both the Vandolor River passage and the Eandratha Pass from the southeast side of the mountains, which gives them a good deal of clout among the Kor. They sporadically fight with the many Varholds along the spine of the Dregga mountains and are very skilled at fighting their cousin race.
  • Kor-Dishan: Similar to the Kor-Ugar and Kor-Vaor, this tribe exists for all intents and purposes as a band of professional bandits. They eke most of their livelihood from raiding caravans on the Daelanthanor trade route, and when that fails they raid their Undari neighbors or even up into the Nordmanner Daelanlands.
  • Kor-Ugar: The Kor-Ugar survive by raiding the Daelanthanor trade route and periodically pillaging Landroth and Allishan. They occassionally ally with Kor-Vaor to raid the Vold.
  • Kor-Vaor: A large and aggressive tribe, they exists by raiding the Daelanthanor trade route and periodically attacking their many hostile neighbors, the Wundvolding of the Macthig, the Free City of Shidaal, the Varholds at Voroshai and Vidal, and even occasionally into the northern reaches of Folgetova. They've even been known to attack across the Eandratha Pass into Jarval-Beah and across the mountains into Banderlen. Due to frequent reprisals this tribe has mastered the art of picking up and moving fast, and are the most mobile of all the Kor.
  • Kor-Daen: The tribe of Kor that remained in Cysgodion (the Vold), these Kor are no where near as barbaric as their cousin tribes, are not nomadic, and still know the art of metal craft. They raid a bit within the Vold, but survive on a razors edge within the borders of the warlike Machtig and thus keep their depredations to a minimum. They have provided assistance to their Kor cousins raiding into the Vold on numerous occasions however.