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Kor Characters
NOTE: GM permission is required to play a Kor.
To play a Kor character a player must do the following things:
  • Take the Kor Race Package.
  • Pick one of the established Kor tribes as an origin point.
Every character is an individual but there are definitely some broad generalities that can be made about the sort of skill sets Kor tend to fall into.
  • Barbarian: Most Kor are just savage and unrefined warriors.
  • Scout: Though most Kor lack the patience or perceptiveness necessary, some Kor are skilled Scouts.
  • Bandit: Some Kor are stealthy enough to be decent bandits.
  • Scrapper: Some Kor are rough and tumble brawlers.
  • Armiger: Kor-Daen are Armigers rather than Barbarians. Some more disciplined Kor of other tribes might be as well, but should be extremely rare and have an unusual backstory.
The hide of the Rocai makes decent armor when properly prepared. It counts as 5 PD / 5 ED Hide Armor and is considered to be Light Armor.
This is often accompanied with stiff Rocai hide bracers that serve as Bucklers, and a thick cloak of Rocai fur that offers an additional +1 PD and +1 ED.
However, the smell of Rocai hide is distinctively unpleasant, and others gain a +2 Smell PER Check when making PER Checks to notice it (including all other modifiers such as wind direction).
Almost all Kor have a deep fondness for a drink they make from fermented Rocai milk called Rocallaeth (row-kath-LOO-ayth), and most carry around a drinking horn of it. The drink is at least as strong as a dark ale, and has a distinctively sour odor. Anyone that has drank Rocallaeth within the last 24 hours exhudes enough of a strange odor to provide a +1 bonus to Smelling PER Checks vs them. Those that have imbidied more heavily provide a greater bonus.