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History Characters Affelaune
Affelaunes (AFF-el-lohns) are small but voracious humanoids that are aggressive in numbers but generally ineffective singly that live in hill land areas arranged in small extended family groups.
 Small concentrations can live semi peacefully with more powerful neighbors, but if they grow too numerous they start spreading like gophers. They have voracious appetites and this drives them to steal food and over-hunt. When they run out of food their appetites can eventually drive them to start attacking other sentient races just for their food.
During the Age of Expansion many Varholds in the Gersaan range were destroyed by the four armed humanoid monstrosities created by the Zhaiirian Union (which are called the Gersaani in the modern age after their adopted homeland). Some of the Var survivors found their way to other Varholds, particularly Vures and Vibas, but not all of them were so lucky and were essentially left a broken remnant of themselves and without homes.
Forced to wander semi-nomadically and eke out a substinence existance as best they could, these Var interbred and generally degenerated both culturally and hereditarily over the course of a several millenia. In the modern age pockets of them exist in the highlands of the southeast of Danorshorvas and the north of Ullushorvas.
Affelaunes lost their faith in Pryddyn a long time ago and appear to have no new spiritual beliefs in its stead.
Of course, few bother to familiarize themselves with the Affelaunes to any degree, so this is hardly a well established fact; it's quite possible that they have some bizarre form of worship that simply isn't revealed to outsiders.
The modern Affelaune live semi-nomadic existances in the south eastern and eastern mountain ranges of Danorshorvas, and some have spread down into the northern ranges of Ullushorvas as well. There is no known Affelaune homeland or seat of power, and only a few semi-permanent settlements. Most tribes of Affelaune are small and very migratory.