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The Fisher Laird of the Pargori
The {X} are the {?} most numerous Clan but have the {?} largest Clanhold.
{NAME} is the current {X} Laird and has sat the Laird throne in {?} for {?} years.
Kaenha is a man that would stand out like a sore thumb in any clan other than Pargori. He is barely 5'8 but weighs in at a paunchy 195lbs, and while he does have some muscle tone he also has a distinguished potbelly that he doesn't even try hiding witha girdle or the like.
Kaenha has shiny dark blonde hair he oils back, piercing blue eyes, and a charming, winning smile that lulls people into trust. Kaenha is always well groomed and wears nothing but the finest in clothes, furs, opulent jewels, many rings, and of course his ornamental dagger that probably couldn't even cut butter but has a sapphire upon the pommel the size of a hen's egg.
In his youth he was a spry little Thegn with quick hands and better technique than actual application as most of his martial exploits were on a practice mat; his weapon of choice was paired punch daggers. Regardless of his technical Thegnship, most true warrior-thegns among the more warlike Clans of the Machtig look upon him with disgust, especially among the Herodi, Raevoring, and Ulthferen. Despite his lack of a martial appearance however, he is the Oberlaird and so they mostly give him the respect his staion is due.
Kaenha is a merchant's merchant. He's as slick as the oil in his hair, and as wily as they come. He rose to power as a Landsgraffing, making a fortune as a merchant and raising to Reeveship under the previous Fisher Laird due to his firm control of the northwestern bank of Lake Pargo and the river steading of Rolenhurst. 
For the Pargori honest deals are the only deals, and most Pargori are reknowned as fair traders. The shrewd Kaenha on the other hand figures theres a fool born every breath waiting to hand over his money to a properly accomodating merchant. He's always looking out for a good deal or some fractional advantage in a bargain. However, he is careful to maintain a facade of fair dealings lest his reputation be impugned.
Kaenha enjoys the power and prestige the title of Oberlaird gives him and he doesn't care that most of the triumvirate of martial Lairds (Herodi, Raevoring, Ulthferen) dont respect him. He knows how to count a majority, so as long as the other five Lairds continue to approve of his policies and his own Clan is prosperous he has little to worry about from that front.
He knows its only a matter of time before someone else is Oberlaird, whether it be because he is challenged and supplanted or ceases to reside among the living so he makes the most of his time in power, never content to rest on past laurels.
If he was as skilled with swords as he is with words then even Herodi would think twice before lifting a blade against him. People just seem to like this man and without a doubt he has been very good for the Vold and the Pargori in particular. Kaenha has continued the trend of the previous Pargori Oberlairds of expanding trade and improving relations with outside nations.
Most notably he has cemented cordial relations with both the Free City of Worfinal and the City State of Shidaal, and has begun work to improve the makeshift caravaan route from Shidaal to the Huarthmunn seat at Dunn Betriebenn and up to the Pargori seat of Fallenheim. Also, relations with the Var are at an all time high, with the Varholds of Viba, Vidar, and Visar all selling items to Machtig merchants who then transport them to Worfinal via Longboat.
Kaenha  enjoys politics and has accomplished much by trading envoys with these and other nations, wrangling favorable concessions and beneficial tariffs in trade agreements. He even married two of his six daughters to influential men in Worfinal and Shidaal.
His wheeling and dealing have brought unprecedented prosperity, wealth, and cultural influx into the Vold, a fact which leads many of the hard-line Clans to mutter about the heartlanders (the Pargori, Huarthmunn, and Hengsting clans) going soft