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Machtig The Vold Machtig Characters
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Machtig Characters
To play a Machtig character a player must do the following things:
  • Pick one of the Machtig Clans to originate from
  • Pick a Human Race Package Deal
  • Detail their character's professional abilities
There are several Race Packages available to Machtig characters:
Every character is an individual but there are definitely some broad generalities that can be made about the sort of skill sets Machtig tend to fall into.
  • Barbarian Warrior: a common sort of Machtig warrior among the Herodi and particularly the Hengsting, and very suitable to a career of adventuring on farings.
  • Sea Reavers: Most Raevoring and a rare few Pargori have the skills of a Sea Reaver.
  • Berserker: Some members of all of the Clans save the Faendradi suffer from bloodlust, but it is common among the Ulthferen, Herodi, and Raevoring.
  • Scout: particularly appropriate to Jagrling and Faendradi characters, some Herodi and Hengsting serve ably as scouts as well.
  • Archer: particularly appropriate to Jagrling and Faendradi characters, a few Herodi and Hengsting are also skilled as Archers.
  • Armiger: Many Wundvolding and some Huarthmunn are highly trained in the use of heavier armors and general combat skills.
  • Bladesman: Some Pargori and those that have learned from or been in the Huarthmunn Huscarl in particular have learned a more disciplined fashion of fighting than most of the Machtig practice, while other Machtig are simply masters of a particular weapon without the need of any formal system of fighting regardless of what Clan they are from. (NOTE: you may want to rename the Manuevers in the Package to something more Machtig flavored).
  • Scrapper: Some Machtig are as adept at fisticuffs or grappling as they are with weapons.
  • Light Cavalry: Many Hengsting are particularly skilled and focused on fighting from horseback and have highly prized and exceptional steeds, but feel free to exclude that option for those that don't.
  • Medium Cavalry: Though most Hengsting prefer lighter armors and skirmising tactics, some are more heavily armored and like to fight more close in. Similarly most Herodi that ride into battle prefer to do the same, and many ride in but fight on foot like a dragoon. Most have highly prized and exceptional steeds, but feel free to exclude that option for those that don't..
  • Skald: a fun sort of character to play, there are plenty of reasons for a Skald to be encountered outside of the Vold. Requires GM permission.
  • Druid: as the stewards of their people's spiritual wellbeing and future survival it is sometimes necessary for a Druid to go on a faring. Any of several Packages are appropriate for Druids: Adventurer, Advisor, Champion, Battlewise, Primal Warrior, Sylvan Seer, Elder. However to play a Druid requires GM permission.
  • Zauberer: various sorts of Zauberer might be encountered on faring such as an Obermancer, various sorts of Runecrafters such as an Illumin, Millitant, Runeforger, or Master; and of course its possible for various sorts of Aeldenaren to be encountered such as a Spectral Eye, Worldwarper, Unseen, Mystic Healer (or a character using a custom Aeldenaren Package)
All of the Machtig are essentially considered to be Barbarians by most of their neighbors, but individual Machtig reenforce or dismiss that stigma by their own actions. Thus it is up to the player to decide how they intended to play their character. 
If a player intends to play into the overbearing, dirty, bloody minded savage stereotype consistently they can and should take a Social Limitation Disadvantage to represent this.
However players that intend to play their characters in more of a "noble savage" vein need not and should not take this Disadvantage. If they take a Profession Package that happens to have it or a similar Disadvantage by default, simply exclude it from the Package.
As a general rule of thumb some among the Herodi, Ulthferen, and Raevoring are prone to this sort of behavior, but most of the Macthig as a people are not.
Barbarian: Social Limitation: Barbarian (Feared & Discriminated against in other lands) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
There are some distinctive possessions that a character from the Vold might have.
The Wundvolding have not yet discovered the secret of Varic Durocaled but its not for lack of trying, and their steel is the better for the effort. Wundvolding steel is more durable than normal steel; items made of Wundstahl (whund-STAELE) have +1 DEF and Armor made from Wundstahl has +1 PD / +1 ED at the same mass point when compared to normal steel. There is a 10-25% premium placed upon Wundstahl items.
Some among the Jagrling Clan are expert makers of leather armor. Jagrling Leathers provide +1 PD and +2 ED and weigh only a few kg more than normal leathers. However they cost 10% more than equivalent normal leathers..
The Hengsting Clan produces extraordinarily fine horses. Characters can purchase normal mounts with a standard HERO System Bestiary write up for money, but those willing to pay character points can have an exceptional mount that deviates from the standard write up. Typical improvements would be a mount that was faster, quicker, tougher, more intelligent, having better attacks, increased leaping ability, talents like rapid healing and combat luck, or similar features.
Light Warhorse (75 Base; 175 -55 Disadvantages = 120/5=24 Real Cost); Real Cost: 24 points; Average Market Price: 70 sp
Medium Warhorse (75 Base; 175 -55 Disadvantages = 120/5=24 Real Cost); Real Cost: 24 points; Average Market Price: 75 sp
Heavy Warhorse (75 Base; 205 -55 Disadvantages = 150/5=30 Real Cost); Real Cost: 30 points; Average Market Price: 90 sp
Most Machtig use the armor and weapons favored by their Clan, and which forms a part of the traditions of their people. Almost all weapons and armor used by Machtig are either Varic from one of the three Varholds in or near the Vold, or the product of the Wundvolding. However there are exceptions; not all Waffshmied are Wundvolding (though most of them are), and also some Machtig carry weapons that originated in other lands and made their way to the Vold by violence, plunder, or purchase at some point in the past.
Varic items tend to be darker in color and have a certain heft to them; some also have Runes engraved on them which are usually just decorative but occasionally have real power. Varic weapon and armor construction tends to be solid and practical with few flairs. Wundvolding items are similar to Varic equivalents but are usually designed on a larger scale and are usually a little more artsy, with some fluting and molding, but nothing that would interfere with actual performance.
  • Herodi tend to prefer swords obviously, but there is some variation among individuals; after swords the spear and hand axes is probably the next most common weapon. Most Herodi use a shield, so one handed weapons are the order of the day for the majority of them. Herodi using two handed weapons have a decided preference for the great sword though.
  • Raevoring are weapon agnostics and will use anything they care to, but there is a tendency towards long handled axes, great swords, mauls, and other large weapons among the large warriors both for their devastating effects and the fear they inspire in others.
  • Wundvolding favor hammers, picks, falchions, and mourning stars.
  • Jagrling prefer long bows and long daggers.
  • Ulthferen favor double bitted axes, broad swords, and clubs.
  • Pargori favor short swords and daggers.
  • Huarthmunn favor axes, quarterstaffs, and martial versions of farming implements but their premier warriors are sword trained.
  • Hengsting favor slightly curved horseman swords (use sabres) and recurved horseman bows they make partially from horn. Some of them also use whips or lariats to suprising effect.
  • Faendradi prefer longbows, daggers, and long swords.
Machtig armor runs the gamut; the Jagrling make exceptionally good leather armor, the Ulthferen make serviceable leather and hide armors, and the Wundvolding make all manner of metal armor.
The Machtig style shield is distinctive. It is large and round with a metal backing covered in leather, with a metal boss in the center, and a metal trim around the edge for extra durability. Two sturdy leather straps are affixed to the back along with a thick pad intended to absorb the impact of a blow. They are sturdier than most shields (+1 DEF), but cost 10% more as well.
The Machtig buckler is essentially a down-scaled version of this worn on the wrist and covering the hand and forearm but allowing the hand to be free. Some thegns that weild two-handed weapons or fight two-handed favor them.
  • Herodi favor chain, scale, and banded mail in general, but there are some among them that wear lighter or heavier armors as suits them personally.
  • Raevoring almost uniformly wear long, loose chain shirts that hang down to crotch or even knee length, which they can quickly slip into when they have need of it and quickly out of it should they get tossed overboard.
  • Wundvolding favor full plate, plate and chain, and heavy versions of either.
  • Jagrling almost uniformly wear fine leather armor but some supplement it with hide and others wear none at all.
  • Ulthferen that are wyr-cursed often don't need armor at all; the merely human Ulthferen usually wear leather, hide, and fur armor but the more wealthy among them might buy better metal armor.
  • Pargori prefer to go light and typically wear leathers or no armor whatsoever, though there are exceptions.
  • Huarthmunn favor chain mail, but some among them in their western lands wear plate and chain and occasionally full plate purchased from the Wundvolding.
  • Hengsting favor leathers, metal reenforced leathers, chain, and scale.
  • Faendradi typically wear leathers or eschew armor altogether. A few Faendradi warriors of the past have worn fantastic suits of Haelfsilver armor that was said to be glorious to behold, but no outsider has seen such a thing in several centuries.
Many Machtig of the Wundvolding, Herodi, and Raevoring Clans have mystical Runic tattoos placed upon them by Runecrafters. These Runes can grant potent powers, but cost both character points and gold from the characters starting funds.
Runic Tattoos are bought as Powers with Charges and the Physical Manifestation Limitation. Some sample Runes are provided below. The GM has final approval of all Runic Tattoos.
Hearuns Rune of Protection: Force Field (8 PD/8 ED) (16 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Minute (Recovers With 8 Hours Of Rest; -1 1/4), Physical Manifestation (Rune of Protection, -1/4); Real Cost: 6 points; Average Market Price: 96 gc
Landras Rune of Mass: Density Increase (300 kg mass, +5 STR, +1 PD/ED, -1" KB) (5 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Minute (Recovers With 8 Hours Of Rest; -1 1/4), Physical Manifestation (Rune of Mass tattoo, -1/4); Real Cost: 2 points; Average Market Price: 10 gc
Vurgens Rune of Imperviousness: Lack Of Weakness (-5) for Resistant Defenses (5 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Minute (Recovers With 8 Hours Of Rest; -1 1/4), Physical Manifestation (Rune of Imperviousness tattoo, -1/4); Real Cost: 2 points; Average Market Price: 10 gc
Karaks Rune of Might: +10 STR (10 Active Points); 4 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Turn each (Recovers With 8 Hours Of Rest; -3/4), Physical Manifestation (Rune of Might tattoo, -1/4); Real Cost: 5 points; Average Market Price: 50 gc
Daen's Rune of Mind Screams: Ego Attack 3d6 (30 Active Points); 6 Boostable Charges (-1/2), Physical Manifestation (Rune of Mind Screams tattoo; -1/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4), Extra Time (Delayed Phase, -1/4); Real Cost: 13 points; Average Market Price: 390 gc