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Gersaani Dyrgynion Wyrdynion Tarbhdynion
There are multitudinous varieties of Humans to be found in San'Dora, and they have become the dominant sentient life form over the past four millenia. In addition there are several distinct sub-races whose ancestors were once Human.
  • MANKIND: baseline Humanity.
    • ELD-FOLK: Descendants of the Humans that remained loyal to the Haelfinan in antiquity, there are three distinct groups in the modern Age.
    • ELITHMEN: The most magically talented of all Mankind, descendents of the mighty Empire of Elith.
    • VOLKERALTEN: Descendants of the mighty northmen there are two distinct groups in the modern Age living at opposite ends of Danorshoras.
  • ARANASHI: A widespread and diminuitive subrace of Humanity altered by a God in an Age long ago.
  • GERSAANI: A race of four armed thugs created by the Zha'iirians with magic to fight their enemies, but which ran amok and rebeled.
  • DYRGYNION: A race of giant Humans created by the Haelfinan from Human stock long ago.
  • WYRDYNION: A race that can assume the forms of both Humans and Wolves and a form that is a mixture of the two; created by the Haelfinan from Human stock long ago.
  • TARBHDYNION: A race merging traits of Humans and animals created by the Haelfinan of the northeast forests. There are many different varieties.