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Elithmen Vorgaanese Hortashi Worfini
Descendants of the Hortashi, Worfinal is the most cosmopolitan nation in all the world, and influxes of Humans from other lands and peoples over the generations have naturally resulted in a new people blending many of the features of the Hortashi, the Vorgaanese, the Machtig, the Arutholese, and the Aranashi.
As the old joke goes a Worini family tree has more roots than a lorgrove. The Worfini tend to be of medium and athletic build, with bronzed skin tones, rich dark hair, fair eyes, and good complexions. However, thanks to the melting pot effect there are all manner of exceptions to this as individuals might take after any number of exotic ancestors.
The hybrid tradespeak called Travenspenova is spoken in Worfinal, and is used in many ports of call in the region making it a useful tongue to know. A mixture of many elements, including words borrowed from Machtig and Aranashi, this language is short on flowery phrases and long on communicating directly and with little room for misunderstanding.
Perhaps unsuprisingly the Worfini as a people tend to mirror the nature of their language in their own personalities. The typical Worfini is polite, direct, practical, and quick to get to the point. A highly mercantile people, Worfini conduct business in a no-nonsense and fair manner, but on the other hand they treat even most personal interactions as some kind of transaction; "its just business" is practically the national slogan.