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Eld-folk Chur'An Gaer'An Kaer-Na
These are Eld-folk that fled Danoshorvas via crude ships. The largest remnant of the Eld-folk, this group has fractured several times over the millenia into still smaller groups, primarily due to geography. The island nations of Gorosh and Aruthol, and the three city states on the northeastern edge of the Ulloshorvas continent founded by those fleeing Aruthol during the flooding of the Great Cataclysm (Bor'dush, Villima, and Zishka) all descend from this sub set of the Eld.
The Gaer'Anese are the darkest skinned of the Eld, with skin tones ranging from mahogany (the Gorosh) to flat black (particularly in the Ulloshorvan city-states). They typically have short dark hair, but among the Gorosh it is customary for both men and women to shave their heads bald, a custom which angers the nearby Zadeshi across the Channel of Shorlian. Goroshians dress almost identically to the Chur'an, the Arutholese favor light robes made from a light weight material called ulik (oo-LEAK), the crafting of which is a secret they keep which has made the nation very rich via trade.
The Gaer'An are nature worshippers like the other Eld folk and believe in great animal spirit Totems. While Shamanism is much less common among them than the Kaer-Na and Chur'An, the Totem Warrior and Totem Shaman Packages are both still appropriate for Gaer'Anese characters. Gaer'Anese Shaman tend to have one Totem with appropriate Animal Companions and related abilities. The following Totems are available to the Gaer'An: Dolphin, Hawk, Lion, Lynx, Shark, Stingray, Tiger.
There is also a form of Arcane Magic involving the use of gemstones practiced in Aruthol, Bor'dush, Villima, and Zishka called Peidragemas. This is significant in that it is the only form of Arcane Magic other than Aeldenari that any of the Eld-folk practice.