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Eld-folk Chur'An Gaer'An Kaer-Na
In times long past when Human-kind sided with the Var against the Haelfinan, some Humans remained loyal to the Haelfinan. These people were eventually labeled Eld-folk by the Humans that turned against the Haelfinan. As the Haelfinan were pushed to the remote areas of the world and islands, so to were the Eld-folk. In the modern day three distinct groups descended from the Eld-folk remain, though some have forgotten their heritage to some extent.
The Eld-folk have many Aeldenaren blood lines among them, particularly among the Kaer-Na and Chur'An, but fewer are born each generation without occasional new influxes of Haelfinan blood.
The Eld-folk speak Eld-speech. Due to the relative breadth of the language coupled with a very formalized method of speaking it that does not allow for much addition or mutation of the language, its pronunciation has altered very little over the millenia among the various fragments of Eld-folk and though some regional pronunciation exists the words themselves are basically the same.
The Eld-Folk have a relatively high number of Aeldenaren due to their close ties to the Haelfinan both historically (in the case of the Arutholese), and currently (Gorosh, Chur'An, Kaer-Na). The prevelence of Aeldenari is more common among the groups that maintain contact with the Haelfinnan in the modern day, and is most common among the Chur'An who have a specific relationship established to ensure that their Aeldenaren bloodlines maintain their potency. The Eld-folk also practice various forms of Totemic oriented Magic, but otherwise lack the strong Magical traditions of the Vlkerlten and Elithmen.