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Aranashi Zhaiirians Undari Zadeshi
Similar in appearance to the Undari, they tend to be more slender and have a wider range of hair and skin tones, tending towards a peaches-and-cream complexion rather than the yellowish skin tone of the Undari. They also have a tendency to hawkish noses and high cheekbones, and in most areas it is traditional for the men and women both to shave their hair in patterns, with different patterns indicating different statuses.
All Zadeshi people in the modern day belong to the Empire of Zadesh, located on the eastern side of the Dursha Mountains on the Danoshorvas Continent. The Empire of Zadesh is a caste based and highly structured culture, and is also extremely expansionary. In modern times they have annexed three Undari nations; Akosa, Famor, and Arvanis and were only stopped from taking more by a chance meeting with a Herodi-led horde of Machtig raiding from the Vold.
Zadesh has a highly regimented military (mostly infantry), and a influential state religion based on anceastor worship called Urzadrek; priests are called Urzali collectively and have an elaborate rank structure. Only those born with the Gift to be Divine Adepts may be Urzali.