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History Characters Hurgur
Hurgur (HER-gur) are big thuggish humanoids, largely hairless, that typically live in mountainous areas and occasionally stray down into highlands and valleys.
Most Hurgur are usually not terribly bright, though they often have a low cunning that makes them dangerous even discounting their physical advantages. They also have long lifespans relative to Humans, which helps compensate for their lower birthrate. An old Hurgur warrior might have more than two centuries of experience to call upon, contributing to their reputation as mighty warriors among their Human neighbors.
Tough and fierce combatants, the Hurgur were originally created by the Haelfinan to fight the Ullu before even the Var rebelled, but many eventually drifted off and made homes for themselves in the mountains. Even in their early days they could be rapacious raiders despite small numbers and they were the bane of the Ullu for many centuries.
When the Var rebelled the Haelfinan used some forces of Hurgur against the Var, but the Var made friends with many groups of them and suborned them from the Haelfinan's service. Since those days the Hurgur and the Var have had a certain wary neutrality towards one another interspersed with an occasional alliance.
Hurgur live in many mountain ranges; most Hurgur communities are fairly primitive mountain tribes but in three areas there are exceptions to this rule.
The most significant exception is Therokai (THAIR-OH-KIGH), a land in  the north central region of the Undari Basin. Therokai is a strong nation of Hurgur who pressed down out of the mountains following the collapse of the Undari Empire around 2000 years ago and managed to seize control of a sizable swath of land.
They have held it against all comers since then, and the nation has evolved into a semi-democratic representative ruling council. Though not counted among the world's great thinkers in general, the average intelligence level of the Therokai Hurgur is much higher than that of other Hurgur sub groups and Therokai are considered to be as intelligent as most Humans by those who are familiar with them. The Hurgur of Therokai are regionally active and participate in trade with their primarily Human neighbors.
Similar to Therokai, a smaller holdfast of Hurgur exists near the lands of the Nordmanner called Thurnik (THUR-NEEK). More distant from Human settlements than Therokai, the Hurgur here have become very proficient fishermen, miners, and craftsmen over the millennia. They periodically trade their wares to the Nordmanner across Mir Kaltersek, and have been useful allies to the Nordmanner in the past. They are completely accepted by and on good terms with the southern set of Nordmanner fiefs. The Nordmanner respect their strength and craftswork, and consider them noble allies. The Thurnik Hurgur also tend to be better looking and more noble of bearing than other Hurgur.
The extended Thardry (THAR-DREE) tribe of Hurgur live in the mountains of the Machtig Vold, but these Hurgur are particularly dumb and brutish even for Hurgur. Among the Machtig it is considered to be a great feat for a Thegn to slay one single handedly among the Herodi and small bands of young Thegns can be found hunting them out on occasion. They are relatively few in number, but the Machtig Druids have prevented them from being wiped out entirely in accordance with their beliefs regarding Natural Order.
For their part the Thardry living in the Herodi lands respect and fear their oppressors, but also resent them. There are some among these Hurgur that have been influenced by generations of Druidic interference and believe that the Hurgur should make peace with the Machtig and ally with them; so far they are in the minority.