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Hurgur Characters
NOTE: GM permission is required to play a Hurgur.
To play a Hurgur character a player must do the following things:
  • Take the Hurgur Race Package.
  • Work with the GM to determine origin.
Every character is an individual but there are definitely some broad generalities that can be made about the sort of skill sets Hurgur tend to fall into.
  • Barbarian (Brute): Most non-civilized Hurgur are savage and unrefined warriors known for their strength and fearsome bearing.
  • Scout: Though most Hurgur lack the patience or perceptiveness necessary, some Hurgur are skilled Scouts.
  • Bandit: Some Hurgur are stealthy enough to be decent bandits.
  • Scrapper: Some Hurgur are rough and tumble brawlers.
  • Armiger: Many of the Hurgur of  Therokai are Armigers. Some more disciplined Hurgur of other tribes might be as well, but should be extremely rare and have an unusual backstory.
Due to their unusual size Hurgur cannot use most "normal" human sized equipment, particularly armor. The Therokai and Thurnik Hurgur are civilzed and have skilled craftsmen able to create and maintain Hurgur-sized versions of equipment but other Hurgur generally do not and tend to dress barbarously and equip themselves as best they can.
When traveling abroad a civilized Hurgur can have properly sized gear made for them by special consignment if they can find a craftsperson willing to do the work; however they typically must pay a premium of half again as much coin for such efforts from a combination of extra material and labor.