Shuriken Pistol

Shuriken Weapons are the primary type of anti-personnel weapons used by the Eldar. Utilising gravitic pulses, a mono-molecular disc of plasti-crystal taken from the weapon's magazine is accelerated down the barrel of the weapon, hurling it at the target at incredible velocity. The accelerator creates a peristaltic shift from the front to the rear of the firing chamber, hurling the shuriken missiles forward at a tremendous velocity. A burst of several missiles can be fired in a fraction of a second in this way. The weapon's magazine is then pushed up by a degree of nanometers and the cycle repeats. Shuriken Weapons have an unknown rate of fire but it is estimated to be greater even than the Imperial Assault Cannon, with each magazine of a Shuriken Catapult essentially consisting of thousands of rounds.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Pistol: Pistols can be used to make ranged attacks, and can also be used in close combat. If a Pistol has an Accuracy modifier, it applies to ranged attacks only.

Penetrating: When a weapon with this trait successfully hits, it has D3 Armor Penetration against the target.

Rapid Fire (1): When firing with a Rapid Fire weapon, a successful hit roll scores a number of hits equal to the number of bullet holes on the Firepower dice.

If a Rapid Fire weapon scores more than one hit, the hits can be split between multiple targets. The first must be allocated to the initial target, but the remainder can be allocated to other fighters within 3" of the first who are also within range and line of sight. These must not be any harder to hit than the original target...for example if a target in the open is hit, an obscured target cannot have hits allocated to it. Allocate all of the hits before making any wound rolls.

Rapid Fire also works in close combat when on a weapon that also has the Pistol trait.