Needle Pistol (Master Crafted)

A Needler is a silent and deadly ranged weapon that uses both laser power and needles crafted from a form of crystallised neurotoxin to kill its targets. Needlers have a long and bloody history, having been utilised by Mankind for millennia. These deadly weapons were favoured by the assassins of the Terran Courts during the days before Unification. Needle pistols are sophisticated and elegant handguns whose operation is silent, nearly invisible, and quite deadly. The finest examples use a combination of a flash-less laser to pierce flesh, followed by an impellor-shot of virulent poisons delivered instantaneously into the open wound. This combination can lay low the roughest foe with ruthless efficiency.

Short Rng
Long Rng
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Pistol: Pistols can be used to make ranged attacks, and can also be used in close combat. If a Pistol has an Accuracy modifier, it applies to ranged attacks only.

Silent: A weapon with this trait does not trigger Detect checks if used by a Hidden fighter, and does not risk raising the alarm in scenarios that use the Sentries special rules.

Toxin: When a fighter does not or cannot make a successful Armor save against a wounding attack that has this trait, before Damage is applied from the attack the fighter's player must roll a D6. If the result is equal to or higher than the fighter's current modified Toughness the fighter suffers a Wound if they have any remaining and if not they suffer a Flesh Wound. Then the attack's Damage is applied and resolved normally.