Any small hard object that can be thrown; rocks, shotputs, debris, items of convenience, etc.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Knockout: When a fighter is reduced to 0 Wounds or already has 0 Wounds remaining and takes damage from an attack with this trait, an Injury roll is not made for that fighter. Instead, they are taken Out of Action with an Out Cold result (the fighter will be available for their gang's next battle).

Discharged: After each use this weapon is treated as having failed an Ammo Check. There is no need to roll the Firepower dice unless the weapon also has the Rapid Fire (x) trait. The weapon can be reloaded or reset for later use within the battle as normal (unless it also has the Scarce trait or Limited trait). When using a weapon with this trait in close combat, it can only have one Attack dice allocated to it. Any other Attack dice that would have been allocated to it are allocated to the fighter's other weapon instead, or if the attacker does not have another weapon they are made as unarmed attacks.

Silent: A weapon with this trait does not trigger Detect checks if used by a Hidden fighter, and does not risk raising the alarm in scenarios that use the Sentries special rules.