The Autogun is an automatic ballistic firearm similar to a twentieth and twenty-first century automatic rifle in appearance and operation. Imperial Autoguns use small calibre, high velocity caseless bullets which are made from metallic or synthetic materials encased in solidified propellant. An Autogun works by using a solid hammer and striker to ignite a sensitive chemical in the round, which in turn ignites the main charge and forces the solid projectile through the barrel. The reactive force of the bullet's expulsion, which may be assisted by gas redirected from the barrel, opens the breech and resets the hammer. The new round is then removed from the magazine and repositioned by the mechanism as it is pushed back into the battery by mechanical force. This cycle will repeat several times per second until the magazine is empty or the trigger is released, barring malfunction.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Rapid Fire (1): When firing with a Rapid Fire weapon, a successful hit roll scores a number of hits equal to the number of bullet holes on the Firepower dice.

If a Rapid Fire weapon scores more than one hit, the hits can be split between multiple targets. The first must be allocated to the initial target, but the remainder can be allocated to other fighters within 3" of the first who are also within range and line of sight. These must not be any harder to hit than the original target...for example if a target in the open is hit, an obscured target cannot have hits allocated to it. Allocate all of the hits before making any wound rolls.

Rapid Fire also works in close combat when on a weapon that also has the Pistol trait.

Scarce: The Reload (Simple) Action cannot be taken on a weapon profile with the Scarce trait.

Replacement: A weapon must be modified to fire this kind of special ammunition; the ammunition's profile replaces the weapon's normal profile. Additionally, other kinds of special ammunition cannot be used with a weapon modified in this way.