Wargear: Timed Explosive

A timed explosive is a sticky bomb with a pre-set timer on it. A timed explosive is a single use item; it is deleted from a fighter's card once used. An Active or Engaged fighter with a timed explosive can make the following action:

Place Timed Explosive (Basic): The fighter attaches a timed explosive to an objective or object with 1 or more Wounds (such as a door) within 1'' of them. When this is done the controlling player declares whether the timed explosive will detonate at the end of this turn, or the end of the next turn. Place a Melta Bomb token to track the location of the timed explosive.

Once placed, the timed explosive will detonate immediately after the last activation of the turn chosen or just before the battle ends, whichever comes first. This happens even if the gang that placed the bomb has fled the battlefield or been defeated. Multiple devices set to explode in the same turn explode simultaneoulsy. When a timed explosive detonates, it inflicts a Strength 8 AP -2 Damage 4 hit on the object it is attached to and anything within base contact with it, and a Strength 6 AP -1 Damage 2 hit with Knockback on everything else within D6" of the timed explosive's marker (except where blocked by walls or structures). Knock down all scatter terrain in the affected area. Remove the timed explosive marker after all hits have been resolved.

A fighter in base contact with the timed explosive marker may attempt to disarm the bomb by taking a Attempt Disarm (Basic) Action and making an Intelligence check at -3. If the check is made, the bomb is disarmed and the timed explosive marker is removed from play. If the check is not made the bomb explodes immediately.