Wargear: Silver Dust

Silver dust is a aerosol concoction of chemicals that grants a brief but potent burst of energy when consumed. When an Active or Pinned fighter with Silver Dust is activated, they may choose to delete Silver Dust from their fighter card immediately and take the following action:

Take A Hit Of Silver Dust (Basic): You may immediately discard a Flesh Wound from this fighter's card. Additionally, the fighter temporarily gains the benefits of the Silver Dust Effect.
Silver Dust Effect: While this effect is active, this fighter's Movement, Strength, and Attacks are increased by 1. At the end of each of the fighter's activations after this one, roll a D6 on the following table and apply the result:
This fighter goes Out of Action regardless of remaining Wounds, into Recovery.
The Silver Dust Effect ends and this fighter suffers a Flesh Wound.
This fighter continues to benefit from the Silver Dust Effect.