Wargear: Melta Trap

The Melta Trap is a block of one of a variety of thermally reactive chemical compounds attached to a detonator and with either an activated magnet or a surface adhesive. A Melta Trap is a single use item; it is deleted from a fighter's card once used.

If a fighter carrying a Melta Trap is taken Out of Action, roll a D6. On a 4+, the fighter is removed from the battlefield as usual along with the Melta Trap. Otherwise the fighter drops the Melta Trap. Delete the item from that fighter's card and set up a Melta Trap marker onto the battlefield at the location the fighter occupied prior to being taken Out of Action. If a 1 was rolled, the trap is triggered immediately. Otherwise, the Melta Trap is armed and remains on the battlefield.

If any fighter moves into or begins to move while within a 2.5" radius of a Melta Trap marker on the battlefield by any means, that fighter's controlling player must roll a D6. On a 5+, the Melta Trap is not triggered and remains on the battlefield, and the fighter's movement resumes. Otherwise the fighter's movement ends, and if they were moving voluntarily as part of an action that action also ends. Then, the Melta Trap is triggered.

Any fighter can target a Melta Trap marker on the battlefield with ranged attacks. Doing so has a -1 modifier to the hit roll at Short range, or a -2 modifier at Long range. If the Melta Trap is hit, roll a D6. On a 1-2, the Melta Trap is unaffected. On a 3-4, the Melta Trap is immediately triggered. On a 5-6, the Melta Trap is disarmed and the marker is removed.

When an Active fighter carrying a Melta Trap that is able to make a action is activated, that fighter's controlling player can delete a Melta Trap from that fighter's card. If they do, that fighter then makes the following action:

Set Melta Trap (Basic): This fighter's controlling player must set up a Melta Trap marker onto the battlefield by throwing it at a valid location up to Sx2'' away and within the line of sight and vision arc of the fighter. Valid locations for the Melta Trap marker are an open spot of floor large enough to fit the Melta Trap marker, or attached to either an object with 1 or more Wounds or a removable terrain piece (such as a barricade or a door).

When a Melta Trap is triggered, it makes a Strength 8, AP -D3, Damage D3 attack with the Blast(3'') trait, centered on itself. Then, if the Melta Trap is attached to a targetable object or a removable terrain piece (such as a door or barricade) that was not destroyed by the attack, remove both the Melta Trap marker and the object or terrain piece it is attached to from the battlefield. Otherwise, if the Melta Trap is on the ground replace the Melta Trap marker with a Pitfall Crater marker, which will remain in play for the remainder of the battle.

Any fighter whose base is completely within a Pitfall Crater falls into it. Any fighter whose base is partially over a Pitfall Crater first becomes Pinned at the edge of the Pitfall Crater and then must succeed on an Initiative check or fall into it. A fighter that falls into a Pitfall Crater is taken Out of Action and a Lasting Injury roll must be made for them.