Grav Cutter

A fighter must be Standing on a Grav Cutter to use it. While a fighter is Standing on a Grav Cutter, the Grav Cutter is considered to be the fighter's base. An Active fighter who is able to use equipement within 1'' of a Grav Cutter that is not in use can make the following action:

Mount Grav Cutter (Basic): The fighter climbs aboard the Grav Cutter and takes control of it.

While in control of this item a fighter gains a +3'' bonus to their base Movement characteristic, cannot be Pinned, and all movement taken while Standing on a Grav Cutter gains the benefit of Flight:

Flight: When this fighter moves voluntarily, with some or all of their movement they may fly in any direction, up or down levels, across gaps, over obstacles, and / or across difficult terrain without penalty or need for Initiative checks. This movement cannot pass through impassable terrain or other fighters, and must end with this fighter's base resting on flat terrain not overlapping anything else; this ability cannot be used if this is not possible.

Additionally, if this fighter is not Seriously Injured and would fall to a lower level, instead place the fighter at the nearest possible point on the battlefield near where they would have fallen such that their base does not overlap anything else, observing the 1'' rule; no Initiative check is made, no damage is inflicted.

Flight: When moving voluntarily, can fly. If would fall and not Seriously Injured, instead lands safely.

An Active fighter who is Standing on a Grav Cutter can step off the Grav Cutter as part of normal movement. If a fighter Standing on a Grav Cutter becomes Prone by any means, the Grav Cutter remains where it is and the fighter falls from it.