Wargear: Ammo Cache

Ammo caches are added to a gang's Stash instead of being carried by a particular fighter. When one of a gang's fighters is set up onto the battlefield, the controlling player can choose to delete one ammo cache from their Stash and set it up onto the battlefield within 1'' of that fighter.

Ammo caches are battlefield objects with Toughness 4 and 2 Wounds, which can provide cover, and which can be carried by a fighter using the Carry (Simple) action. If a non-depleted ammo cache is destroyed roll a D6; on a 5+ it explodes as if it were a Frag Grenade centered on the ammo cache. Any Active or Pinned fighter within 1'' of a non-depleted ammo cache may take the following action:

Use Ammo Cache (Double): Select one Out of Ammo weapon profile (including a Scarce weapon profile) or Grenade on this fighter's card and make an Ammo check for it. The selected weapon profile or Grenade is reloaded either way, but if the Ammo check was failed the Ammo Cache is depleted and can no longer be used.