Wargear: AE stash

When an Active or Pinned fighter with a AE stash is activated, they may use their AE stash as a free action. Until the end of the round, the fighter adds 1 to the result of any hit rolls they make and gains a +1 modifier to all characteristic checks they make. Additionally if the fighter takes a Charge action they may make a Double Move instead of a Standard Move + D3". At the start of the End phase roll a D6; on a 1 or 2 the fighter takes a Flesh Wound. If a fighter uses an AE stash during a battle, the AE stash is deleted from their Fighter card when the battle ends. May use as a free action if Active or Pinned. Until end of round, +1 to hit rolls, +1 to characteristic checks, Double Move on Charge. At start of End phase roll D6; on a 1 or 2 take a Flesh Wound. If used, delete at end of battle.