Grenade: Tanglefoot

Tanglefoot grenades are used to create movement impairing magno-gravitic fields that make it difficult to traverse the affected area.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Grenade: Grenades are treated as a special type of ranged weapon. A Grenade may be thrown by an Active fighter as a Shoot action. Grenades do not have a Short range, and their Long range is determined by the attacking fighter's Strength. The Firepower dice is not rolled when attacking with a Grenade; an Ammo check must be rolled after each attack made with a Grenade. The Reload (Simple) Action cannot be taken on a weapon profile with the Grenade trait.

Heavy-G: Mark the location on the battlefield where a Heavy-G attack hits with a counter. An area of increased gravity and magnetic interference extends 2.5'' out from the center of the counter; a 5'' Blast marker can be used to determine this area, but it should be considered to extend vertically as well as horizontally. All fighters and destructable objects within the affected area are hit by the Heavy-G attack. After the hit is resolved, a Heavy-G field remains in affect until it dissipates. In the End Phase roll a D6; on a 3 or less the area dissipates and the counter is removed. Until the Heavy-G field dissipates fighters can move through the affected area, but all movement is halved (rounding down). Additionally, ranged attacks across the affected area suffer a -1 penalty to hit and have their Strength reduced by 1. Don't roll a Scatter die for Blast weapons that miss a point within 6'' of the affected area, instead move the Blast marker the indicated distance towards the affected area.

Limited: If an Ammo check is failed for a weapon profile with the Limited trait, the weapon profile is deleted from the fighter card immediately. Do not recalculate the fighter's Rating until the Update Roster step of the Post-Battle Sequence.