Grenade: Prismatic

Prismatic Grenades are a terrifying weapon used by Harlequins to kill and disorient their enemies. Even if not slain outright, a foe caught in the swirling discharge of energy produced by this weapon often finds their vision highly impaired.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Grenade: Grenades are treated as a special type of ranged weapon. A Grenade may be thrown by an Active fighter as a Shoot action. Grenades do not have a Short range, and their Long range is determined by the attacking fighter's Strength. The Firepower dice is not rolled when attacking with a Grenade; an Ammo check must be rolled after each attack made with a Grenade. The Reload (Simple) Action cannot be taken on a weapon profile with the Grenade trait.

Blinding: a fighter hit by an attack with this trait must make an Initiative check. If this check is failed the fighter loses their Ready marker if they have one, and becomes blinded; place a Blind marker next to the fighter or on their Fighter Card. A blinded fighter cannot make any attacks other than reaction attacks, for which all hit rolls only succeed on a natural 6. If a blinded fighter moves as part of an action they instead move D3'' in a random direction determined by the scatter die, stopping if they make base contact with an obstacle; fighters moving in this way can Engage enemy fighters. When a blinded fighter is activated, roll a D6; on a 3+ the fighter is no longer blinded and the Blind marker is removed. Some equipment and abilities provide resistance or immunity to being blinded. Attacks with this trait that are also 0 Strength and inflict 0 damage do not cause hit targets to be Pinned.

Blast (3''): The weapon uses a 3” Blast marker.

Single Shot: A weapon profile with this trait can only be used once per game; any other weapon profiles the weapon has which lack this trait are unaffected. After use the affected weapon profile is treated as having automatically failed an Ammo Check, and the weapon profile cannot be reloaded by any means. There is no need to roll the Firepower dice unless the weapon profile also has the Rapid Fire (x) trait.

Limited: If an Ammo check is failed for a weapon profile with the Limited trait, the weapon profile is deleted from the fighter card immediately. Do not recalculate the fighter's Rating until the Update Roster step of the Post-Battle Sequence.