Grenade: Rad

An anti-personnel radioactive charge designed to rapidly irradiate soft targets.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Grenade: Grenades are treated as a special type of ranged weapon. A Grenade may be thrown by an Active fighter as a Shoot action. Grenades do not have a Short range, and their Long range is determined by the attacking fighter's Strength. The Firepower dice is not rolled when attacking with a Grenade; an Ammo check must be rolled after each attack made with a Grenade. The Reload (Simple) Action cannot be taken on a weapon profile with the Grenade trait.

Radiation: When a fighter is hit by an attack with this trait, before rolling to wound, place a Radiation marker on their fighter card. At the start of the Recovery step of the End Phase, in initiative order each player selects one of their fighters that has one or more Radiation markers on them and removes D3-1 Radiation markers from that fighter. Then, if the number of Radiation markers on that fighter exceeds their current modified Toughness, they immediately go Out of Action and into Recovery. If a fighter put Out of Action in this way is subject to the Permanent Injury outcome of a Lasting Injury, that fighter suffers the Enfeebled injury (-1 Toughness).

Blast (3''): The weapon uses a 3” Blast marker.