Special Ammunition: Scare grenades (Grenade Launcher)

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Blast (3''): The weapon uses a 3” Blast marker.

Fear: When the target of an attack with this trait is hit, they must make a Nerve test with a -2 modifier to their result. If the test is failed the target immediately becomes Broken and must make a Running for Cover roll to determine how far away they run from the source of this attack. A Pinned fighter who fails their Nerve test will stand up before Running for Cover. This trait has no effect on Seriously Injured fighters or targets that do not make Nerve tests.

Gas: When a fighter is hit by an attack made by a Gas weapon, they are not Pinned and a wound roll is not made; instead roll a D6. If the result is higher than the target's modified Toughness, make an Injury roll for that fighter (regardless of the fighter's Wounds characteristic). No save roll can be made by the fighter against this attack.

Limited: If an Ammo check is failed for a weapon profile with the Limited trait, the weapon profile is deleted from the fighter card immediately. Do not recalculate the fighter's Rating until the Update Roster step of the Post-Battle Sequence.