Special Ammunition: Firestorm shells (Combat Shotgun)

These incendiary shotgun shells turn a shotgun into a simple flamethrower for a few moments at a time, belching gouts of searing flame at the pull of a trigger.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Blaze: After an attack with the Blaze trait has been resolved roll a D6 if the target was hit but not taken Out of Action. On a 4, 5 or 6 the target catches fire; place a Blaze marker on their fighter card. At the end of each of their own activations a fighter who remains on fire suffers a Strength 3, AP -1 and if they are not prone the fighter becomes Broken and begins Running for Cover.

An Active fighter with a Blaze marker on their fighter card may make the Stop Drop and Roll (Double) action; if they do the fighter becomes Pinned (if they are not already prone); roll a D6 and add 1 to the result for each friendly Active fighter within 1''. On a 3+ the fire is extinguised; remove the Blaze token. On a 1 or 2 the fighter remains on fire and their activation ends.

Friendly fighters within 1'' of a fighter with a Blaze marker on their fighter card may make the Extinguish Blaze (Basic) action; if they do roll a D6. On a 1 is rolled the friendly fighter catches fire as well; place a Blaze token on their fighter card and their activation ends. On a 4+ the fire is extinguised; remove the Blaze token from the on fire fighter.

Limited: If an Ammo check is failed for a weapon profile with the Limited trait, the weapon profile is deleted from the fighter card immediately. Do not recalculate the fighter's Rating until the Update Roster step of the Post-Battle Sequence.

Template: An attack made with a Template weapon uses the Flame template to determine hits instead of rolling to hit. All targets (anything with a Wound characteristic) touched by the template are hit by the attack.