Hired Guns

Content is provided for various kinds of Hired Guns, though not every campaign format allows every type of Hired Gun. From detestable Hive Scum to terrifying Bounty Hunters, salty Mercs, and miscellaneous Hangers-on these hirelings can spice things up a bit and break up the uniform monotony of homogenous gangs.

  • Hive Scum: unreliable dregs, loners, losers, outcasts, or worse, Hive Scum can nevertheless be useful to bolster the ranks of a gang in campaign formats that allow them, particularly if a large battle is anticipated.
  • Mercs: skilled mercenaries who will stay with a gang for a prolonged period of time in campaign formats that allow them, as long as their upkeep is paid, gaining Experience and Advancements along the way.
  • Bounty Hunters: dangerous elite fighters who hunt those with guild bounties on their head. In campaign formats that allow them, Bounty Hunters will join some types of gangs for a battle if one or more opposing fighters have a bounty on them.
  • Hangers-on: a wide variety of helpful hirelings that offer many different advantages to gangs that can hire them, in campaign formats that allow them.