Gang Lists

The following reworked versions of the classic six Houses have been rebalanced using a internally consistent pricing mechanism for characteristics and abilities, to improve game balance. Additionally, Equipment Lists, Skill Categories, and supplementary content has been carefully chosen, reworked, or created with an eye towards capturing the difference between the types of gangs and allowing specialization while maintaining a fair equilibrium in power levels across the board.

  • House Cawdor: the powerbase of the Cult of the Redemption whose prophets foretell of universal destruction. Impoverished hordes of diehard fanatics...who are very fond of the cleansing fury of holy righteous fire. What they lack in wealth and equipment they make up for with zeal and masochistic tolerance of pain.
  • House Delaque: information brokers and shady merchants with spies and agents operating in many hives, digging into the private affairs of others, looking for any exploitable advantage. Stealthy, sinister, masters of subterfuge and infiltration.
  • House Escher: female dominated House with a reputation for cruelty and mercilessness, experts of toxins, gaseous poisons, and designer drugs. Fierce, vicious, agile warriors who are not to be trifled with.
  • House Goliath: huge vat-grown, genetically modified, and drug enhanced muscled out workers and thugs. Nearly superhuman, incredibly tough, but not too bright and very slow bruisers.
  • House Orlock: community oriented, workaday citizens of the hive with a focus on heavy industry and cross-hive commerce. Competent, determined, reliable all-arounders.
  • House Van Saar: a technologically advanced, highly organized organization empowered by a damaged STC they've kept secret for untold years. Radiation wracked, well armed, well disciplined, and very accurate fighters, dedicated to protecting their House's interests.

The following additional types of gangs are also allowed in various campaign formats within our games, on a case by case basis.

  • Adeptus Arbites Patrol Squad: extremely well equipped and trained servants of the Adeptus Terra, enforcers of the Lex Imperialis concerned only with the broader laws to which the entire Imperium is subject. But if local law enforcement is lax in their duties and allow lawlessness to fester, the Arbites stationed on that planet to protect against local insurrection and corruption will brutally intervene to restore order as they deem necessary.
  • Ash Waste Nomads: descendents of a fallen faction of Noble House Cattalus, doomed to the wastes millenia ago by their victorious former brethren. Incredibly robust savages who survive on the absurdly lethal Necromundan surface, raiding caravans, blowing holes into the sides of hives to pillage anything they can grab in lighting fast assaults.
  • Chaos Cultists: multitudinous sects serving the Ruinous Powers, whether they know it or not. Varying widely in outlook, ability, and depravity depending upon which of the Chaos Gods they are enthralled to. Profane Helots, cannibalistic Flesh Grinders, pestilential Bubohessians, and dozens of other cults, movements, and esoteric societies great and small.
  • Cogs: cybernetically augmented salvagers and wastes wanderers who cobble together or restore to function all sorts of bizarre technology. Less savage than most groups hanging on to hard scrabble survival outside the hives, they are still not to be fussed with trivially as their chromed out warriors can be quite deadly when incensed.
  • Genestealer Cultists: insidious xeno infected hybrids secretly colluding to spread their infestation and ultimately summon a Tyranid Hive Fleet. Ranging from hybrids who can pass as human to very Genestealer-like Aberrants, all enslaved to and empowering a powerful Broodmind.
  • Palanite Enforcers Squad: the armored fist of Lord Helmawr's "justice". Recruited from the Necromundan populace and subjected to brutal dehumanizing training, as a sort of pale copy of an Adeptus Arbites Patrol Squad but much better integrated with the ebb and flow of underhive existence.
  • Ratskins: descendents of earlier eras of Necromunda's human populace, who have resisted the Cult of the Emperor for millenia. An uncomplicated culture, with a spiritual belief that each Hive city has a spirit of its own, which they seek to live in harmony with and protect the secrets of.
  • Spyrers: decadent Hunting Parties of uphive Ristos clad in extremely advanced powered armor suits with bizarre weaponry. They hunt underhive gangs for fun and sport.
  • Squat Salvagers: salvage teams sent planetside to plumb the ruins and underhives of Necromunda, from a faction of spaceborne Squat asteroid miners and archeotech salvagers known collectively as the Void Barons. Well equipped and strictly no-nonsense these short but doughty abhumans brook no funny business from those who would interfere with their venture.