Ratskins are a widespread but nearly invisible indigenous people who live in depths of the underhive and edges of the outlands. Though disparaged and looked down upon by most other Necromundans, their simple culture has survived for millennia under the shadow of Imperial occupation without succumbing to the Cult of the Emperor.

They exist as true outsiders, with a animistic religion and totemic culture that venerates the Hive itself, which is quite at odds with the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy. No census exists and their numbers are uncounted, but their existence does not appear to be in jeopardy despite the erratic efforts of Redemptionists to convert or inflict genocide upon them.

The vast majority of Ratskins are peaceful, living simple semi-nomadic lives in the hidden and desolate places of the Hive world, avoiding contact with Imperial citizens. Some however have become tainted by the ways of "civilization" or have turned to violence, willing or even eager to fight with other denizens of the underhive for resources or to protect ancient sites which they hold to be sacred. It is these renegade Ratskins...guides, trackers, or vengeful savages attacking underhive looters...that the vast majority of hivers are familiar with.

Gang Composition

A Ratskins gang must follow these rules when it is founded, and when new fighters are added to the gang.

  • There must be one Leader (if the Leader is killed a new Leader must be selected).
  • A gang can have no more than one Shaman. Shaman are not eligible for gang leadership, and gang fighters cannot be promoted to become a Shaman.
  • A gang can start with up to one Spirit Warrior and up to one Hunter. Prospects and Specialists can be promoted to become either a Spirit Warrior or a Hunter.
  • A gang can start with up to one Specialist. During campaign play, additional Gangers and Juves may be promoted to become Specialists as they gain advances.
  • The total combined number of Prospects, Specialists, Gangers, and Juves in the gang must be equal to or higher than the total number of other fighters in the gang, not counting Hangers-on.
  • A fighter may be equipped with a maximum of three weapons. Weapons with the Unweildy trait take up the space of two weapons.
  • A fighter allowed Armor may be equipped with no more than one kind of Armor.
  • A fighter allowed Wargear can carry any amount of Wargear.
  • Ratskins cannot hire Hive Scum, Mercs, or Bounty Hunters.
  • Ratskins can hire some Hangers-on (listed below).


A starting Ratskins gang is made up of the following fighters. Ratskins use the Ratskin Characteristics Maxima .


Every Ratskin gang has one Leader. If the Leader is killed a new Leader will replace them from among the gang's fighters, if any are eligible.

200 credits

A Ratskin Chief is usually a mature, respected warrior valued for both their competence and their reliability. Their first priority is to keep their tribe alive.


Ratskin gangs have multiple options for their Champions; wily Hunters, or militant Spirit Warriors determined to protect the depths of the underhive from despoilation.

Ratskin Spirit Warrior (0-1); + unlimited via Promotion
150 credits

A Ratskin Spirit Warrior is attuned to the hive spirits, in touch with their anger over the violations of interlopers and determined to appease the spirits by remorselessly attacking any outsiders who dare to plumb the secret spaces of the underhive.

Ratskin Hunter (0-1); + unlimited via Promotion
150 credits

A Ratskin Hunter is an experienced warrior who has survived many dangers to feed and support their tribe. Trusted by their Chief and delegated to for all manner of risky but necessary undertakings.

Gang Fighters

The backbone of a Ratskins gang is made up of Prospects, Specialists, Gangers, and Juves. In campaign play an important consideration is that Gangers and Juves are more economical but Advance as Henchmen while Specialists and Prospects Advance as Heroes. Each type of fighter offers pros and cons, and cater to different play styles and strategies.

100 credits

A Ratskin Scout is bold young warrior, comfortable ranging the underhive on their own and bringing back information and findings to their Chief.

Ratskin Warrior (0-1); + unlimited via Promotion
75 credits

Warriors are the skilled veterans of their tribe. Stealthy and durable, what they lack in gear and gizmos they make up for with guts and gumption.

Ratskin Brave (unlimited)
65 credits

Braves are proven fighters who make up the backbone of a Ratskins gang.

25 credits

Youngbloods are youths yet to prove themselves, eager to become fully accepted.


A Ratskin gang can have up to one (1) Shaman.

175 credits

A Ratskin Shaman is the spiritual leader of their tribe, the one most in tune with the hive spirits.


Ratskin gangs can take on the services of a few kinds of Hangers-on. A starting gang may only hire up to one Hangers-on, but in campaign play the gang gains an additional Hangers-on slot for every 5 full points of Reputation the gang has. If the gang loses Reputation they may keep any Hangers-on they purchased previously.

Exclusive Hangers-on

300 credits

Ghost Warriors are only available to Ratskin gangs. They are experienced Spirit Warriors that pursue their own path, dedicated to violently discouraging interlopers who trespass upon the hidden places of the underhive. This fighter is always considered to be an available fighter for purposes of Crew selection if they are not Captured or in Recovery. However if one or more opposing gangs are also Ratskin gangs, no Ghost Warriors from any gang can participate in the battle.

Standard Hangers-on

100 credits

If this gang has a Ratskin Guide who is not Captured or in Recovery, during the Determine Scenario step of the Pre-Battle Sequence if the selected Scenario does not dictate that it must be fought as either a Sector Mechanicus or Zone Mortalis battle, this gang's player may select which they prefer. Additionally, if the selected scenario has an attacker and defender this gang's controller may choose whether their gang will attack or defend. However if more than one gang participating in the battle has a Ratskin Guide, they cancel one another out and none of the gangs gain any benefit from their Ratskin Guides for the upcoming battle.

Tactics Cards

A Ratskin gang may select Tactics Cards from the Ratskin Tactics Cards list by default, though campaign and / or scenario specific guidelines may modify this.


A Ratskins gang is available on a case by case basis depending upon the type of campaign. Consult the Arbitrator or campaign write up to determine if a player may run a Ratskins gang and what restrictions, exceptions, or guidelines might apply.

If a Ratskins gang is allowed in a type of campaign, in addition to any other campaign specific rules that may apply to them the following requirements and restrictions apply and must be adhered to.


The Injury rules are slightly modified for a Ratskins gang.

Survivor Critical Injury Table

Roll a D6 and subtract the fighter's Wounds characteristic (not their current Wounds), then consult the table below with the total:

0 or less
Grievous Injury: The fighter goes into Recovery.
Permanent Injury: The fighter goes into Recovery and suffers a permanent injury. Roll again on the Permanent Injury table.
Memorable Death: The fighter is killed instantly. If the injury was caused by an attack, the attacker gains an additional 1 XP.

Trading Post

In some campaigns, Ratskin gangs are not able to visit the Trading Post due to narrative reasons. However, in campaigns where they are able to visit the Trading Post a Ratskins gang treats the rarity of all Rare items as being two (2) higher than the listed value.

Turf Size and Special Territories

In campaigns that feature Special Territories, a Ratskin gang uses the following Ratskin Special Territories table for any Special Territories they may gain. A Ratskin gang cannot gain a Special Territory that is not on this table. Additionally, in such campaigns a starting Ratskin gang may pay 50 credits to select one of the Special Territories from this table to represent the gang's starting Turf of 1.

Ratskin Special Territory
Reclaimed Habitat: The gang has reclaimed a part of the underhive, chasing off interlopers. When the gang collects income, the gang gains 1 Reputation for each Reclaimed Habitat they control.
Secret Passageways: In scenarios that allow infiltration, each Secret Passageways controlled by the gang allows one fighter in the gang's Crew to infiltrate the battlefield as if they have the Infiltration Skill. In scenarios that do not allow infiltration, each Secret Passageways controlled by the gang allows one fighter in the gang's Crew to make a free Standard Move at the very end of the Deploy step before the battle begins.
Ratskin Settlement: When the gang collects income, roll a D6 for each Ratskin Settlement controlled. If the result is a natural 6 a free Brave shows up ready to join the gang; you may equip this new fighter with up to 50 credits worth of gear from the Ratskin Brave Equipment List for free and add the fighter to your gang's roster immediately.
Beast Farm: The gang protects a Ratskin community that raises underhive creatures such as blindsnakes, hive spiders, and of course hive rats. When the gang collects income, for each Beast Farm the gang controls, the gang gains D3 free Blade Venom Stashes or 1 Blindsnake Pouch or 1 Ratskin Hides (controlling player's choice), which are added to the gang's Stash immediately.
Sacred Cache: The gang controls a secret and sacred place to hide archeotech and other treasures, protecting the hive's ancient legacies. When the gang collects income, for each Sacred Cache the gang controls, D3 free Hive Spirit Infusions or D3 free Hive Spirit Wards (controlling player's choice) are added to the gang's Stash immediately.

Loot Caskets

Some scenarios feature one or more Loot Caskets as objectives or as interesting battlefield features. In such scenarios, Ratskin gang fighters will never attempt to open a Loot Casket and cannot take the Bypass Lock or Smash Open actions on a Loot Casket.

When a Ratskin gang ends a battle in control of one or more Loot Caskets, they may be added to the gang's Stash (unopened) during the Wrap Up step of the Post-Battle Sequence. During the Receive Rewards step of the Post-Battle Sequence, three (3) Loot Caskets in the gang's Stash may be deleted to add 1 Reputation, 1 Turf, and a Sacred Cache Special Territory to the Gang Roster.