Free-for-all Campaign Season 1

An open ended Free-for-all campaign, with gangs racing to earn 50 Reputation.

Acropolis, Labyrinthine Sprawl

A large section of the Acropolis spire with constantly shifting borders ecompassing parts of the underhive as well as lower hab and manufactorum levels called the Labyrinthine Sprawl is infamously dangerous and prone to flashes of immediate violence as two or more rival groups clash. With several transit gates and checkpoints included within its bounds, conflicts even occasionally overflow into the Wastes.

A wide array of gangs, factions, cults, guilds, and enforcement patrols have a presence here, and the sheer number of interested parties prevents any one group from attaining control over the region for long. This doesn't seem to prevent many of them from trying to seize control, of course.


Top Fighters

The campaign's Top Fighters (so far)...


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