Pre-Battle Sequence


The Pre-Battle Sequence has the following steps:

Determine Gang Rating

The current Gang Rating for each gang participating in the battle is determined now. Gang Rating is the total rating of all fighters on a gang's roster.

Compare the Gang Ratings of each gang participating in the battle to determine their order from highest to lowest. Ties between gangs with the same Gang Rating are broken by comparing number of battles fought, then Reputation. If there is still a tie, the tied players should roll off with a D6, with the "winner" being considered to have the lower Gang Rating in the upcoming battle. The outcome of this comparison is applied hereafter in the Pre-Battle Sequence whenever the rules refer to the gang with the higher Gang Rating or the gang with the lower Gang Rating.

The gang with the lowest Gang Rating participating in a battle is considered the Underdog for that battle. Each scenario will indicate what benefits an Underdog gang gains (if any) when fighting a battle of that kind.

Determine Scenario

Roll a D4 on the Scripted Scenario chart below to randomly determine the scenario.

Scripted Scenarios
Battle Royale (2-4 Gangs)
Blind Box Looting (2-4 Gangs)
Race to Acquire Archeotech (2-4 Gangs)
Take and Hold (2-4 Gangs)
Eliminate High Value Targets (2-4 Gangs)
Small Crews Bump Into Each Other (2-4 Gangs)
Type of Battlefield

If the selected scenario dictates that it must be fought as a Sector Mechanicus or Zone Mortalis battle, then that is the sort of battle it will be. Otherwise the players should agree whether they will fight using the Zone Mortalis or Sector Mechanicus rules or optionally fight on a hybrid battlefield containing elements of both styles of play. If the players cannot come to an agreement roll a D6; if the result is a 4+ it will be a Sector Mechanicus battle otherwise it is a Zone Mortalis battle.


The selected scenario will indicate when and how priority between players is determined, which should be followed. In some cases priority is determined before battlefield set up, in others it is determined before deployment, and in others it may be determined multiple times over the course of set up, deployment, and beginning the battle.

Set up Battlefield

The selected scenario provides explicit battlefield setup instructions, which should be followed.


The selected scenario provides explicit deployment instructions, which should be followed.

Begin the battle

The Battle Sequence begins with the player who has the priority marker activating an Active fighter.