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Starting Races Professions
Professions: Ill Defined
The concept of Profession is usually not very marked in the MetaCyber campaign, largely because most PC's share the same profession -- they are Runners.
However, there are very definitely common specialties and archetypes to be found among runners, though an individual character will often have two or more skill sets. Few Runners can afford the luxury of being completely specialized to one thing, though those that can make that work are usually in high demand as masters of their specialty.
The following basic archetypes are assumed to be recognizable and in some degree of demand for Runs. However, these are umbrella groupings; there is much room for granularity in each one. For instance, a Tibetan trained monk gone bad and a cyber-wired thug with spiked knuckles are both Scrappers, while a Guided Missle expert and a demolitionist are both Boomers, a computer geek that can slice financial encryption and a wirehead that can use and abuse the NET for fun and profit are both Hackers, a skilled cyber-repairman and a combat medic are both Patchers, and so forth..
Default Archetype Assumptions
Shooter Boomer Scrapper Patcher
Driver Hacker Breaker Facilitator