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Paradigm Key Notes Assumptions
Starting Races Professions
Campaign Paradigm
This paradigm represents a campaign setting with a hybrid of "heroic" and "superheroic" elements tailored towards a gritty action adventure mixed with supercompetant characters that have some combination of amazing skill, cybernetic (or other technological) enhancement, and/or low level super powers.
KEY NOTES: This section addresses a number of ideas important to running a MetaCyber campaign.
ASSUMPTIONS: This section details various metagame considerations, indicating what combination of heroic and superheroic options are in effect.
STARTING: This section details what characters start play with and gives relative point level comparisons.
RACES: This section discusses both the default assumption of what Races are available for play, as well as a number of options that individual GM's might want to implement.
PROFESSIONS: This section discusses the default assumptions of Profession and Archetypes within a MetaCyber campaign.