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Technology The NET Computer Usage Computer Programming
Technology forms an important part of the MetaCyber setting. The following documents cover key MetaCyber technology concepts in detail.
THE NET: The most important technological achievement of the twentieth century continues to play a crucial role in business, entertainment, politics, and the dark world of Running alike.
Practically everyone in the MetaCyber setting uses many kinds of computers on a daily basis, and that's not even counting the relatively simple or limited purpose computers found in appliances, vehicles, public facilities, and places of business.
In the HERO System a character would typically have to take the Computer Programming Skill to use Computers in a skilled fashion, but the average person in a MetaCyber setting is not skilled or knowledgeable enough in general to necessitate this.
COMPUTER USAGE: This document discusses a new skill called Computer Usage that is more suitable to the average user than Computer Programming.
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: This document gives detailed coverage to the use of Computer Programming in the MetaCyber setting.
COMPUTER HACKING: This document gives detailed coverage for the use of Computer Programming to Hack Computers in the MetaCyber setting.